There’s no need to be. AirCleaner™ profanity elimination delay provides an electronic insurance policy against any unexpected wardrobe malfunction, spoken profanity or obscene gesture from your televised audience.

How? With the simple push of a button, content censors have the ability to eliminate unseemly visuals and offensive sounds before that unwanted content reaches the airwaves and enrages your viewing or listening audience. AirCleaner provides a variety of features to seamlessly eliminate the possibility of costly content violations.


In today’s demanding live television production applications, every production switcher has a connected clip server for playing animated transitions and video clips for the live production—and to feed “on-set” displays. Specifically designed to be a switcher’s companion, Tria is the most advanced and feature-rich clip server on the market today.

Tria™ hits the market sweet spot with its unique “three-channel” playback architecture, which features a dedicated “VKA” (video+key+audio) output channel, with two additional video+audio output channels.

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Mira Replay

Producing instant replay of live televised sporting events is always a fast-paced and demanding endeavor. Reliability, instant responsiveness, superior image quality and interoperability within the production workflow are critical requirements.

Mira™ REPLAY takes on these tasks and more—since. This model of Mira is optimized to handle the very high bandwidth demands of non-stop recording from multiple cameras, with simultaneous instant replay on one or two output video channels.

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