tvONE C3-540 CorioMaster Chassis

SKU: TV1-C3-540-1001

£9,900.00 ex.Vat | £11,880.00 inc.Vat

Product Description

    • Single or Multiple Output Layouts
    • Single or Multiple Canvases
    • Real-time 360º Output Rotation
    • Projector Off-Axis Correction w/Brightness Control
    • Output Warping for Projection on Curved Surfaces
    • Simultaneous use of Multiple Layouts and Canvases
    • One or More Windows (PIP's) on each Canvas
    • Layouts and Canvases Can Be Created Off Line and Saved for Later Recall
    • Internal Still Image Store
    • 3 Levels of User Access and Control
    • PC and Apple Desktop Software
    • Controllable by Web Browser
    • Low Power Consumption - 160w

    Video Choreography Design Possibilities

    • Live Event Using Multiple Projectors
      • Edgeblending w/Side Projectors
      • Stage Monitoring
    • Video Walls 
      • Number of Monitors Determined by Number of Outputs
      • Rotation of Monitors Possible using Canvas Window Rotation
    • Command & Control
      • Monitoring of Various Video Sources & Formats
    • Hospital/Healthcare
      • Distribution with Windowing to Various  Operating Rooms or other locations
      • Status Display of Video Equipment in Use

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