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KFX Aurora remote head

Does the arrival of Autumn make you want to Scream?

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Nights are drawing in, leaves are falling and it’s colder outside but here at BPS HQ we are cracking out the knitwear, snuggling down in front of a roaring fire and enjoying MTV’s new series of, Scream photographed by Aurora owner, Yaron Levy.

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The Aurora head is by far one of the best tools in my DP kit


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BPS spoke to Yaron recently about his use of the Aurora Remote Head on Scream. He really enjoys using this versatile tool on set. Not only does it give him and his directors more options creatively, he is also able to use it instead of a regular underslung head, allowing him to use his equipment budget for other useful items. Plus, the quick, 5 minute set up time is a real advantage in the fast-paced world of TV drama.

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Yaron told us that,

“The Aurora head is by far one of the best tools in my DP kit. I use it on an everyday basis be it on a crane or sometimes on a dolly or tripod in small spaces.

            “On the TV show, Scream we carried it for run of show and I think I can count the days on one hand that it didn’t get used. In fact, toward the end of show it got added to the Camera carts that rolled on to every set.”

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BPS currently has one ex-demo unit available with full warranty.

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It’s only been used for a handful of demos in our showroom and can be yours for an incredibly competitive price – with a full warranty! To find out how this versatile and easy to use Remote Head can save you time and money while adding to your creative options on set, contact Jono at BPS by calling +44 (0) 20 8941 1199 or email [email protected]

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