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BPS appointed GoPro authorised retailer

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Well this is exciting! GoPro appoint BPS authorised retailer.

OK, doesn’t sound hugely exciting I know but GoPro are drastically reducing the number of their UK outlets to a privileged few. We’ve just heard that BPS will be one of two preferred partners supplying the broadcast and media industries in the UK and Ireland. Products are already on the website so fill your boots. Now we’re off to dad dance round the office in glee. If you’re really unlucky we’ll GoPro it and post that too!!

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As well as shaking up its distribution model the action camera maker is touching up some problem spots.

GoPro knew it had a problem when it came to editing, and it’s taking steps to try to solve it.

The action camera maker has purchased a pair of video editing apps, Replay and Splice, to make it easier for GoPro users to quickly edit the hours upon hours of footage they shoot with their cameras.


Take a ride with slopestyle ski athlete, Bobby Brown, as he takes us top to bottom through two different courses at the X Games – the Skier cross course and the Slopestyle course in a first ever single line.

“Splice, Replay and GoPro will combine to deliver what we believe will be the fastest and most enjoyable mobile editing experience,” said Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro in a statement this week.

 “We believe the accessibility, speed and efficiency of mobile will make it the predominant editing platform of the future.”

“We acquired them to accelerate our vision of making it easy for people to create and share engaging content. We think that the mobile platform, your smartphone, and tablet are the best and most convenient platforms for editing in the future,” Woodman said.

Woodman noted that if GoPro can become a standard for how people share stories, the company would then be poised to attract new customers and boost camera sales.

“We’re opening GoPro up not just to GoPro customers, but to billions of smartphone users around the world to make it easier for them to create and share great content with their smartphones,” he added.

“Whether it’s hardware, software, entertainment products that we’re developing, this is the biggest year ever for GoPro,”

Here at BPS HQ we’re hoping that with the new dealership we will be having our biggest year ever too!

Other new dealerships brokered this quarter include Wisycom, Abakus and Sonos



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