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A message in a bottle


A message in a bottle, #StopPlastic


We at BPS are committed to reducing plastic waste in our planets ocean’s. A fact that shocked us is that “About 300 million tons of plastic is produced globally each year. Only about 10 percent of that is recycled. An estimated seven million tons ends up in the ocean.” Due to this, we are going to go bottle free and use aluminium flasks to reduce our waste.


Only about 1 to 3% of plastics used are recycled worldwide and, in the UK, only about 10% of bottles are recycled also it can take up to 1000 years for plastic water bottles to biodegrade. During this process,  toxins are released and micro-plastics that impact aquatic species, which impacts us.


It also takes 3 times the water required to produce a single water bottle than the bottles will hold. So, starting from this July BPS will be going plastic free with our aluminium reusable flask.


So, join us and make the change this July, #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeJuly #StopPlastic

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