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ARRI Cable PWR OUT/12V (2p) - MiniXLR (4p) (0.5m/1.6ft)

Cable PWR OUT/12V connector Lemo-type 2p (male) to Mini XLR 4p (female). Can be used to power an external on-board monitor from an ARRI camera, WVR-1, battery adapter plate or a power splitting box. Length: 0.5m/1.6ft

£125.00 ex. VAT
£150.00 inc.VAT

This 12V Power Cable (20") from ARRI features a 2-pin LEMO-type (male) connector on one end, and a 4-pin mini-XLR (female) connector on the other. It can be used to transmit power from an ARRI camera to a 12V accessory like an on-board monitor, an ARRI WVR-1 receiver, a battery adapter plate, or a power splitter box. This is a 20"-length cable.

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