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ARRI DMS-1 Small HD Mount Set

This DMS-1 set is a lightweight director’s monitor kit designed around the Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 and a specific monitor mount. This set suits most SmallHD Monitors fitted with proprietary interface.

£810.00 ex. VAT
£972.00 inc.VAT

The Director's Monitor Support DMS-1 from ARRI is a lightweight handheld monitor support that can accommodate one SmallHD monitor and one WVR-1 wireless video receiver. This modular set includes one rod adapter for mounting the monitor, one RMB-5 19mm rod-mounting bracket for the wireless receiver, two RA-4 rosette to 19mm rod adapters, one LSA-1 19mm rod to lighting spigot adapter, two handgrips, a pair of SBA-1 ENG shoulder belt adapters, and one 13.4" 19mm carbon fiber support rod.

K2.0014825 2x Rosette Adapter to 19mm, RA-4

K2.0014833 1x Lighting Spigot Adapter LSA-1

K2.0014827 1x Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-5

K2.0014832 1x Monitor Adapter for Small HD

K2.0014954 1x Single Support Rods 340mm, 13.4in, Ø19mm

K2.47861.0 2x Handgrip without on/off switch

K2.0001223 1x Shoulder Belt Adapters

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