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The most exciting 2 minutes in sport with Mira Replay

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Glorious Goodwood, one of the highlights of the racing year, that quintessentially British race meeting famous for its charm, relaxed chic and those Panama hats.

With action replays, simulcasts and highlights packages broadcasting a major sporting event is a huge undertaking so we thought we’d take a look at how our friends over the pond manage the transmission of their biggest race meet, The Kentucky Derby.

Mira Replay delivers across the board at Churchill Downs for Kentucky Derby

Most people know Churchill Downs as the home of the Kentucky Derby, one of the longest running and most prestigious thoroughbred horse races in the country. In fact, the Kentucky Derby draws more than 165,000 guests to Churchill Downs on race day. The Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday in May every year, is the longest continually held sporting event in America, and is one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. Often called “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”, the Kentucky Derby receives this nickname from the approximate length of time it takes the winner to run from the starting gate to the finish line. The Kentucky Derby is the first race within the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, where it is followed by the Preakness Stakes race and the Belmont Stakes race.

Everyone who visits this legendary racetrack gets to experience The Big Board — one of the world’s largest video screens. That’s one of the places they’ll find, among other things, a simulcast of each race followed by replays of its most significant moments, from paddock to starting gate to winner’s circle and beyond.

Producing all of that video keeps the Churchill Downs production crew quite busy. We spoke to Colin Trask, simulcast production manager at Churchill Downs, who just completed his 16th Kentucky Derby production. Trask gave us some insight into the venue’s production operation and his team’s use of Mira Replay; Abekas­­’ multi-camera instant replay server for live events and sports broadcasting.

Colin Trask, simulcast production manager at Churchill Downs, just completed his 16th Kentucky Derby production, using the Abekas Mira Replay.

First, please describe your production operation.

We produce the simulcast signal that’s seen throughout Churchill Downs and at other racetracks and casinos throughout the country. Besides displaying the odds and wagering tools for the different race categories, we also show video of the races themselves. That video includes quick replays that run right after the race and, a little later on, long replays that show both pan and head-on views of the final 1/8 mile, a slow-motion gate break, and an ISO of the leading horses as they cross the finish line.

For a long time we’d been working out of a production truck because we used to travel around handling shows for other racetracks. We haven’t done that in several years, though, so it was time to replace the aging truck with a permanent studio full of upgraded equipment.

And adding Mira Replay was part of that upgrade. How are you using it?

Our Mira Replay server has a total of eight inputs and outputs. We’re set up to receive five inputs — the program feed, the ME/clean feed, a tilt pan camera, the winner’s circle camera, and an aux feed that records the edited version of the head-on replay. Right now we’re only using two of the other three I/Os as outputs — one to the production switcher and another for previews. We’re considering networking into our graphics computer, which generates many of the elements that we like to record. The beauty of the Mira Replay machine is that we can easily make changes like that because it’s flexible enough to adapt instantly to whatever configuration we choose.

What can you do with Mira Replay that you couldn’t do before? Is there anything about Mira Replay that’s especially important to your workflow?

One of the great things about Mira Replay is that it records continuously, so we capture everything. Our old machine only recorded when you hit the button, which made it easy to miss things. If the operator got distracted or otherwise missed a significant moment, it was gone forever. But now, if something gets past the operator, or if we decide we want a certain clip after the fact, we can go back and retrieve it. With so much going on in a live workflow, that’s a big advantage. We have to pay close attention to space management on our hard drive as a result, but it’s well worth it. There were numerous times on opening night and the next day — our first live runs with Mira Replay — when we were really glad we had that feature.

Being able to set an end point on all clips that are recording helps keep things streamlined. With Mira Replay we can set the end point on several clips all at once, whereas with the old server we had to set separate in and out points, one at a time, for each clip.

How was it to learn Mira Replay?

We’re set up for a single operator to run the machine almost exclusively through the GUI, as opposed to using the control panel. The server went live on the season’s opening night, a week before the Kentucky Derby. A last-minute switch meant that I had to step in to the operator position instead of the person who had been trained on Mira Replay. Thanks to a lot of support from Mike Kljucaric, the Abekas Product Specialist who answered all my questions, I got comfortable using Mira Replay within the week, so everything went smoothly on Derby day.

Any parting thoughts?

The Mira Replay server was an excellent value. It gives us the perfect combination of flexibility, speed, and performance. We got everything we would have needed from a more expensive machine at a more affordable price.

Abekas broadcast solutions are available in the UK exclusively from BPS

To purchase Abekas products and “Broadcast with Confidence”  visit for more information.

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Welcome Nick Tucker

Lots of good things happening at The Old Fire Station this Summer.

For starters we have a new member of the sales team; we are delighted to welcome Nick Tucker to the BPS fold.
Nick comes to us from ProKit, where he specialised in audio sales. He has a wealth of experience so will be hitting the ground running, we are sure you will all extend him a warm welcome.
As well as heading up all things audio Nick will be the GoTo guy for GoPro (see what I did there?) as our GoPro Product Manager.

To celebrate Nick’s arrival we are offering bundle deals on GoPro cameras and accessories.
Read on for details…

[ux_image id=”52704″ link=””]

GoPro HERO4 Black Adventure bundle promotion


  • Floaty Backdoor

  • Battery Backpac

  • Tripod Mount

£341.66 + VAT

(while stocks last)

offer ends 31/07/16


[ux_image title=”GoPro Omni rig” id=”51101″ link=””]

Pre-order your GoPro Omni

We are taking orders now for the first delivery of Omni to the UK in August.

Be the first to get your hands on this incredible bit of kit and start your VR journey today.

GoPro Omni™
– rig only

pre-order now for August delivery

£1083.33 + VAT


GoPro Omni™
– all inclusive

Full package includes the Omni rig and 6 x GoPro Hero4 Black cameras needed to populate it, Kolor software apps, Autopano Video Pro + Autopano Giga.

pre-order now for August delivery

£3499.99 + VAT

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Capture every second of the action

This summer will be packed with top sporting events. So get set for action behind the camera.

Capturing high speed sports is notoriously tricky. Dramatic wins and losses won’t wait, so the key is to make it snappy. Award winning photographer, Eddie Keogh has been capturing iconic sporting events for 35 years and has immortalised hundreds of defining moments, including eight World Cups. His invaluable expertise and advice can help you too capture game changing images.

Eddie Keogh

Award-winning Canon Explorer, Eddie Keogh is a freelance sports photographer. He worked for UK national newspapers from 1986 until 2005, when he joined Reuters as a contract photographer. Eddie covered his first Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA, at the age of 21. He has photographed eight football World Cups – and almost every sport ever invented.

Split second

As Eddie says, “the real challenge is getting that one split second that defines a particular sporting event.” So how does he do it?

© Eddie Keogh – Canon EOS-1D Mark IV; the exposure was 1/1250s at f/2.8, ISO 1600.

“This gymnast on the high bar was spinning so fast I just fired away hoping to get an interesting shape. At the end of the day I gave my card to an editor and he told me that he loved the shot of the guy with no head. I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw the picture. Lady luck strikes again.”

© Eddie Keogh – Canon EOS-1D X with an EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM lens; the exposure was 1/1600s at f/4.5, ISO 400.

“This was the last race of the day at Cheltenham Festival. As the sun was setting, I walked out on the course to find a fence that was facing the sun and placed my camera on a spike in the base of the fence and triggered it with a radio slave.”

Canon plays a part

“I’ve been using the new Canon EOS 1-D X Mark II and the tracking is superb. It’s quicker to focus and holds the focus better than any other Canon camera I’ve used. No matter how fast the action, I can trust its AF system to give me a better chance of getting that key moment.”

Buy Canon EOS
original source: Canon Inspiration
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Will we see you at IBC 2016?

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Not to wish our Summer away, (should it ever turn up in the first place) but it’s that time of year again when we start to plan ahead for our yearly pilgrimage to Amsterdam for the IBC Conference.

This year’s IBC show runs from 8-12 Sept and early bird discounts and complimentary exhibition passes are available until 15 July. Don’t miss your chance of free entry register now

IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. Fifteen exhibition halls are complimented by a host of feature areas specially designed t oenhance your experience. An unparalleled platform to meet, address and learn from 55,000+of the most engaged power brokers, press and prospects in international electronic media and entertainment.

Need more convincing? Listed below are what promise to be some of the show highlights.[gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”51990″]

Sir Martin Sorrell to deliver keynote exploring the trends driving rapid change in the world of media

Global advertising and marketing guru Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, will deliver the Keynote address on Friday 9 September at the IBC2016 Conference in Amsterdam.

As one of the most respected global industry leaders, Sir Martin’s views are keenly followed on both business and macro-economic issues. In his IBC Keynote, he will talk about the trends driving rapid change in the world of media, together with the critical role of content, data and technology in the 21st-century marketplace.

Under Sir Martin’s leadership, WPP has become the world’s largest communications services group. It is in the FTSE 100 and employs some 194,000 people (including associates and investments) working across 150 companies in 112 countries. In addition to advertising and media companies, including Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Y&R and MediaCom,
Sir Martin has ramped up WPP’s investments in data analysis and advertising technology through Kantar, to better position WPP with the growing power of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon).

[gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”51991″]

Dominique Delfont to deliver the IBC2016 keynote address.

Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group and Chairman of Vivendi Content, Dominique’s views on content, data and Organic Marketing have been featured on CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg as well as in The Huffington Post, The Guardian and industry publications around the world. He has been voted as one of the most influential media agency executives on social networks, and in 2013 he was listed in Campaign’s “Top 10 UK Media Suits” at Number 3. As Global Managing Director of Havas, Dominique oversees all brands, clients and commercial activities as well as all research and intelligence for the advertising and marketing group’s 126 markets. Since his appointment in 2012, he has set up a number of initiatives that help the agency and its clients respond to the rapid developments in technology, data, content and media. Dominique will give his view of how the media landscape has changed and what this means for traditional media companies, including his outspoken views on the power of the big digital platforms collectively known as GAFA – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – and how important it is for Europeans to continue to develop local content that speaks to their cultures.

[gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”51987″]

Shahrzad Rafati to reveal a New Kind of Online Video Journalism at IBC Conference

IBC has announced that Shahrzad Rafati, Founder and CEO of BroadbandTV, will deliver a keynote on Saturday 10 September at the forthcoming IBC2016 Conference.

Over the last 11 years BroadbandTV has become a powerful force in online video, and is the world’s largest multi-platform network. Shahrzad will talk about how BBTV is working across platforms and creating novel partnerships to create a new kind of online video journalism network. She will also talk about how the younger YouTube generation interacts with technology and content and what this means for traditional broadcasting.[gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”51986″]

Discover Music as a Catalyst for Growth with Eric Huggers, President and CEO of Vevo.

As the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, with over 17 million views globally, Vevo is an exciting addition to the IBC2016 Conference.

Erik Huggers, their president and CEO, is known for disrupting content delivery and media services through next generation user experiences and technologies and he will share key research insights into how the online generation listens to and views music and how music has provided an enormous catalyst for growth in streaming media.[gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”51988″]

Be Inspired by the Outdoor Exhibits

Explore unique exhibits and some of the world-leading OB trucks in the Outdoor Exhibition area. Increasing in demand and popularity each year, the Outdoor Exhibition area has moved to P6 outside Hall 12 for 2016![gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”51989″]

Discover New Technology at the IBC Future Zone

The IBC Future Zone is home to exhibitors with cutting edge projects and prototypes liberated by IBC from the world’s leading R&D labs and universities. Exciting and innovative technology will be on display from from Swissaudec, BBC R&D, Sphericam, ETRI and TIE Kinetix.

[gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”52004″]

Technology in Action Unveiled

From the latest developments in IP to speeding access to news from the cloud and how to defeat ad blockers, the IBC Technology In Action theatre is a goldmine of user-led information.[gap height=”30px”]

[ux_image id=”52005″]

Join the Video on Demand Debate

The ingredients for Netflix and Amazon Prime’s recent success are exclusive content, ownership of data plus delivery, and close control of subscriber bases. Is this vertical integration model the industry blueprint for the future?[gap height=”30px”]

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Thanks for coming/and the winner is…

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The inaugural Media Production Show earlier this month was a huge success. We’d like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone of you that came to visit the BPS stand.

It was BPS’s first foray into exhibiting at a trade show and we were delighted to see so many content creators from the film, TV and digital industries.

With queues to get in reaching around the block on both the Thursday and Friday some 4,986 visitors attended the show across the two days. Huge thanks to all of you who came to visit and support us, it was great to see old friends and meet new.

MBI event director Charlotte Wheeler said:
“The vision of the event, to bring creativity and technology together, resonated with thousands of people and the feedback from visitors, speakers and exhibitors has been phenomenal.[gap height=”30px”]

And the winner is…

During the Media Production Show we ran a daily prize draw competition. On offer on day one was a Sonos Play:1 and the prize on day two was a GoPro HERO Session camera. 100’s of hopefuls threw their business cards into the pot but in the immortal words of Highlander,

“There can be only one” or in this case, 2!

Norah-Anne Barron of Pi Communications was Thursday’s prize draw winner. Sukh and Jono caught up with her this week in Dublin to deliver her prize, a Sonos Play:1. The mini but mighty Play:1 is a compact and surprisingly powerful, smart, wireless speaker for streaming music with deep, crystal-clear sound.[ux_image]

Friday’s prize draw was for a GoPro HERO Session. Small and light, with easy one-button control and rugged, waterproof design. HERO Session is perfect as a second GoPro camera, or for the first-time GoPro user who wants the simplest, grab-and-go capture experience. The winner of that draw is Paulo Biolcati of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Follow the link for the skinny on new GoPro products slated for release this year

If you didn’t make it to this years show we hope to see you next year in a bigger and better venue, Olympia for a bigger and better Media Production Show 2017.

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Broadcast solutions from GoPro

Here’s the heads-up on all things GoPro

There’s never been a better time to discover GoPro as this year the action camera company are releasing a whole suite of broadcast solutions.

  • Editing becomes easier when BITC is added to your footage thanks to SyncBac PRO
  • New rigs Omni and Odyssey enable 360° and panoramic capture
  • Unique GoPro POV’s can now be broadcast LIVE with HEROCast
  • Aerial shot required? No problem with the GoPro drone, Karma
As professional broadcast products some of these will only be available from specialist retailers like ourselves.
Interest is high so we expect availability to be limited when products are released.
To ensure your order or to register an interest in any of these products please call us on 020 8941 1199.
[divider width=”full”]

SyncBac PRO


We’re excited to announce the launch of the newest addition to our range of wireless timecode products – the SyncBac PRO, a customised GoPro timecode sync accessory.

By enabling the GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver to generate its own frame-accurate timecode, the SyncBac PRO creates the capability to wirelessly timecode sync multiple GoPros and GoPros with pro cameras and pro audio devices over long range RF.



Over the last few years wearable cameras have become commonplace on professional film and broadcast sets. But as non-timecoded cameras, the challenge has always been how to sync the footage captured not only with other GoPros, but also with pro cameras and pro audio devices.

“Until now, all we could do was advise production houses to visually slate using a digislate – it was a decent workaround, but it wasn’t the seamless solution productions craved,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “What they really wanted was timecode generated at source, synced over long range RF, producing a single file with timecode embedded that post production can work with in exactly the same way as media extracted from more traditional professional cameras and audio equipment. This is exactly what we’ve delivered with the SyncBac PRO.”

[divider width=”full”]




 Introducing Omni the go-to GoPro for spherical content. A professional end-to-end solution for capturing, stitching and publishing high-resolution virtual reality and immersive content. A synchronised 6-camera array. Requires six HERO4 Black cameras (sold separately) with Omni-specific array camera firmware installed.



Omni lets you capture the whole scene and create professional-quality spherical videos.



Import your videos and stitch them together automatically in Autopano Video Pro.

Use the timelines to fine-tune your 360-degree video and get awesome results.



Upload your 360° videos on GoPro VR to share them with the world. People can access your videos through the web, smartphones or on their mobile VR headset.

Thanks to the Omni spherical rig, you get the most immersive experience possible.

Synchronised 6-camera array.

Precise, pixel-level synchronization makes stitching in post-production easier and more exact—especially when compared to unsynchronized camera arrays.

Works hand in hand with Kolor™ video-stitching software.

Together, Omni and Kolor software are a complete end-to-end immersive content creation solution. Capture using Omni, then stitch, publish and view content using the GoPro Kolor software suite.

8K capture: the proven image quality of HERO4 Black … x6.

Produce high-resolution, stunning image quality that virtual reality viewers will notice. In addition to spherical content capture, Omni may also be used for “over capture” of traditional content. Use Omni to capture 8K, and then extract your HD deliverable—from literally any perspective.

Flexible power options.

Omni can be powered from in-camera batteries. An external power supply can also be used to extend recording time and simplify power management.

Compact and rugged design.

The rigid, lightweight, multi-panel aluminum frame is compact and makes Omni easy to mount and use in a variety of shooting scenarios.

Reach a wide variety of audiences.

Use Omni hardware and Kolor software to create immersive experiences for:

  • Sporting events
  • Museum and tourism installations
  • Hotel and real estate tours
  • Educational tutorials
  • And more

Share your 360° videos on GoPro VR.

Share your immersive experience with the world. Create your video and upload it to the GoPro VR platform. GoPro VR is available for free on the web and as free apps for iOS® and Android™ that are compatible with mobile VR headsets.

Rig only = £1299.99 or All-inclusive with 6 cameras = £4199.99. Available 17th August. Pre-order yours today by calling  020 8941 1199

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May 2105, GoPro and Google embarked on a journey to create the industry’s first and only commercially available automatic sync-and-stitch VR (3D 360°) video capture solution. The result is Odyssey, GoPro’s 16-camera panoramic stereo rig designed for Google’s Jump platform. Together, Odyssey and Jump eliminate two of the most significant pain points in VR video storytelling: syncing cameras for easy control and capture, and automatically stitching footage for a seamless stereoscopic video, thus removing several days in post-production efforts.

Historically, industry professionals have hacked together homegrown rigs to capture 3D 360° video content, resulting in a complicated, multi-part process. Odyssey and Jump now provide them with a solution that automates a significant part of the workflow.

Wevr, a Los Angeles-based pioneer in VR video production, constantly pushes the limits of innovation to delight viewers in experiencing life from a unique point-of-view. As an Odyssey Limited Access Partner, Wevr has already begun using Odyssey to create engaging content which will expand their extensive library of immersive entertainment.

“We are thrilled that GoPro has paired up with Google,” said Anthony Batt, co-founder at Wevr. “Together, they are solving the problems associated with stereoscopic shooting. It’s been a huge challenge without Odyssey.”

With Odyssey, VR content creators will be able to focus more time on storytelling and the production and execution of the shoot, rather than on the technical battles they previously faced.

“We have tried other products and no other solution on the market is even close to what GoPro has right now. We feel lucky to have the rig and would like to include more into our workflow. Everything we’re going to shoot moving forward is going to be with Odyssey,” continued Batt. “We intend to push to the limits so we can make it even better. The entire industry is going to be lucky to have this product.”

Industry professionals and experienced content creators who are interested in Odyssey are encouraged to join in and participate in the LAP by applying at, or contacting [email protected] We look forward to experiencing all of the immersive content produce by the creative minds who are embracing Odyssey and Jump.

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Bring the GoPro Experience to Your Audience—Live

Developed with Vislink, the HEROCast wireless transmitter enables professional broadcasters to deliver engaging live content with the immersive POV footage and unique perspectives that made GoPro famous. Wearable, mountable, and designed for use in harsh environments, HEROCast makes capturing and broadcasting live content easier than ever. Smaller, lighter, more cost-effective and 50% more power-efficient than any other wireless broadcast solution on the market, HEROCast is ideal for sports, concerts and all of the events you cover.

[row ]

[col span=”1/2″ ]

NEW HEROCast hero_cast

Optimized for body mounting and engaging POV shots.

  • Separate units for versatile mounting and easy accessibility
  • Lightest and smallest COFDM HD wireless transmitter on the market
  • Industry-standard H.264 encoding for HD picture quality with low latency
  • Most power-efficient wireless solution for professional broadcasters

[col span=”1/2″ ]

NEW HEROCast BacPac ™ hero_cast_bac_pac

The all-in-one solution for immersive live-action footage.

  • Connects directly to the camera to create an easily mountable integrated unit
  • Rugged, waterproof (IP67) design for use in harsh environments
  • Lightest and smallest COFDM HD wireless transmitter on the market
  • Industry-standard H.264 encoding for HD picture quality with low latency
  • Most power-efficient wireless solution for professional broadcasters



[divider width=”full”]


If life is a dream, then why not see it as one

The most hotly anticipated product of the year, the GoPro drone has been causing ripples of excitement across the broadcast industry. There is very little information available to us at the moment so if you want to stay in the loop make sure you are on our mailing list. In the meantime the videos below should give you a taste of what is to come…

#GOPROKARMA                                   COMING 2016

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“Two Roads” is a 9-part original series that follows nine athletes and one coach who have made the commitment to pursue greatness. New episodes every other Tuesday on the BPS social feeds

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BPS have been given GoPro authorised retailer status for the Broadcast industry so do keep in touch for all your GoPro needs


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Bring your dog to work

He’s the office dogsbody.

His typing skills may not be up to scratch, but having our mate, Brogan around at work helps reduce stress and improves the sense of job satisfaction

Animal instinct is often said to be the cause of boardroom bust-ups as executives compete to get ahead. But the presence of animals themselves could have a more calming effect, according to a charity. Bring Your Dog To Work Day (as seen on ITV’s This Morning and the Daily Mirror) is an annual nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.

The founders of Bring Your Dog To Work Day have firsthand experience of the benefits of four-legged friends in the office.

“We’re overwhelmed by how successful Bring Your Dog To Work Day has become,”

says Jo Amit, who created the event with Mark Hirschel to raise money for rehoming charity, All Dogs Matter.

“”We’re hopeful that this year will prove even more popular, building on the momentum of 2015.”

All Dogs Matter is a charity that rescues and re-homes more than 300 dogs a year in London, Norfolk and the surrounding areas, and has three members of staff. The dogs in their care are either strays, are relocated from pounds, or simply come from owners who can no longer keep them.

Here at BPS they are preaching to the converted. Visitors to the Old Fire Station will have meet (and more than likely been goosed by) Head of HR, Brogan Wise, our German Short-Haired Pointer. As office mascot, Brogan has his fans and followers so we have recently launched his own Facebook page. You too can ‘follow the dog’ via his icon here. Expect a doggy POV on all things BPS, special offers

GoBro icon


Last year, #bringyourdogtoworkday trended on Twitter and was mentioned more than 9,000 times on Instagram as people posted pictures of their pooches at work. Pets’ presence seems to bring real benefits. According to a 2012 study at a business in North Carolina by Virginia Commonwealth University, animals in the office  reduce stress and increase levels of job satisfaction.

“There are so many studies that show the benefits of dogs in the workplace, and we have definitely experienced them”

says Lynn Unick, who works at website BorrowMyDoggy, which has a pet-friendly policy.

“They make us smile and their contribution to the overall office atmosphere is wonderful. It’s fantastic for morale and brings so much happiness into the working day.”

AMit and Hirschel, who also run Hownd – a pet-grooming product company are hopeful more businesses will welcome pooches as a result of this year’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day today.


german pointer office worker

As well as raising funds for a cause, Bring Your Dog to Work Day could have some positive benefits for employee productivity and wellbeing. Above all, the day promises to be a lot of fun for all those involved. It’s time to give your dog a job!

Many scientific studies have concluded that the presence of pets can substantially reduce a person’s stress level in the workplace. Increased job satisfaction, team co-operation and morale have all been reported in employees that spend the workday with their pets.

So in addition to raising funds, Bring Your Dog To Work Day is likely to boost the productivity and happiness of the employees within your company.

Original source: Waitrose Weekend &
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Britain’s Independence Day?

BPS is reeling from this mornings news that Britain has voted to leave the EU.

As a company that buys from manufacturers based on the Continent the country’s decision will have far reaching implications for our trade. A weaker pound buys fewer dollars or other foreign currencies, which makes it more expensive for us to buy products from abroad, which in turn will make goods more expensive to buy from us. Already this morning we are being issued new price lists based on the Exchange Rate Changes overnight. Difficult to see how this result can be good for small – medium business.

How will small firms trade in the single market post Brexit?

Firms need to know how they will have access to the single market, free movement and trade following the UK’s vote to Leave the EU, the national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses has said. Mike Cherry urges the government and all parties to bring stability for the business community. Nearly a quarter of FSB members export, with the majority exporting to the single market, and Mr Cherry says answers are needed swiftly to ensure 

“does not fall any further, which is already at the lowest levels since 2013. This includes clarity over the practical implications of this result on how smaller firms do business,”

[gap height=”30px”]

The London stock market has plunged more than 8% in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

In the opening minutes of trade this morning, the FTSE 100 index fell more than 500 points, the biggest one-day fall since the collapse of the Lehman Brothers in 2008, before regaining some ground. Banks were especially hard hit, with Barclays and RBS falling about 30%.

Now Barclays’ boss has put out this statement …

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. This is a significant decision and there will be many questions asked in the coming days and weeks about what happens next. The answers are complex but our position is not: we will not break our stride in delivering the Barclays of the future… And through the uncertainty of the months ahead, be in no doubt that we are ready to do whatever it takes to uphold that promise. The strategy we announced on 1 March, 2016 was not conditional on the UK remaining in the EU. We are a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank, anchored in the UK and the US. That remains the core of our strength and the Barclays of the future.”

                                                                                                                                                          Jes Staley: Barclays Group, Chief Executive

Earlier, the value of the pound fell dramatically as the referendum outcome emerged. At one stage, it hit $1.3236, a fall of more than 10% and a low not seen since 1985.

The Bank of England said it was “monitoring developments closely” and would take “all necessary steps” to support monetary stability.

“We have taken all the necessary steps to prepare for todays events.”

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

.[gap height=”30px”]

cameron resigns

David Cameron steps down as Tory leader

The UK vote to leave the European Union has prompted David Cameron to announce he is to step down as prime minister.

“The will of the British people must be respected…I do not think it would be right for me to be the captain that steers our country to it’s next destination.”

Apparently he and Boris Johnson have already spoken today. Boris attempted to make a statement as he left his house this morning but was prevented amid boos and jeers from the waiting crowd.

The labour leadership looks on shaky ground too.

Jeremy Corbyn has said,

“We have to do everything we can to protect jobs and working conditions in Britain”

Different groups of labour MP’s are organising against Corbyn as blame for not galvanising the labour heartlands is laid at his door. It is still too early to say which way that will go but we may have campaigns for the leadership of both parties before the party conference season in September.

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farage celebrates

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage declares it “independence day”.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told supporters that “dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom”, as votes are counted in the EU Referendum.

He said the Leave campaign had won a victory for “real people”, and said 23 June should go down as “independence day”.

Sadiq Khan has been quick to respond to a city in shock.

“There is no need to panic…London will continue to be the successful city it is today. Our city and our country will continue to be the best place in the world to do business. And we will continue to look outwards and trade and engage with the entire world – including the European Union.”

Wetherspoon chief: ‘Brexit will enhance freedom and security’

The chief executive of the Wetherspoon pub chain, Tim Martin, was a prominent Leave campaigner and has a more positive outlook for the future.

“The UK will thrive as an independent country, making its own laws, and we will work with our good friends and neighbours in Europe and elsewhere to ensure a positive outcome for all parties.”

We should remember that this was a democratic vote and regardless of our individual feelings we must now all pull together to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in.

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Sky Sports News buy Dejero to augment bonded cellular output

Sky Sports News buy Dejero

We are delighted to announce that Sky Sports News has bought two Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Servers.

The Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Server receives video transmissions from LIVE+ transmission devices and integrates into your current workflow. It is designed to fit directly into the rack mount area in your facility and connect seamlessly to existing equipment.

The 1U rack-mounted LIVE+ Broadcast Server includes dual-redundant power supplies and RAID hard drives designed for increased broadcast reliability.

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Product Overview

  • Quad-core Intel Xeon processor: High performance processing designed for all day, every day reliability.
  • Dual redundant power supplies: 400W redundant power supplies continue to provide power if one power supply fails. Replaceable while server is in use.
  • Data redundancy: RAID protection of stored data utilizing two 1TB hard drives. Front access to hot-swappable drives.
  • Multiple streams: The server supports two live feeds simultaneously from different sources.
  • Video synchronization: Genlock input accepts black burst or tri-sync reference signals.
  • Compact form-factor: 1U rackmount, 1.7” H x 17.2” W x 19.85” D (43 x 437 x 504 mm)

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The deal was brokered at the Media Production Show. Ian Brash, Technical Manager, Sky Sports News said,

“The Dejero broadcast servers will augment our bonded cellular output”

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Dejero provides a complete solution, not just a piece of it

We help you capture, transmit, manage and distribute high-quality live video from virtually anywhere. Our LIVE+ platform of hardware, software, and cloud-based services simplifies your broadcast workflow.

To find out how Dejero can help you reach your global multi-screen audiences instantly and cost-effectively call us on 020 8941 1199 to arrange a free no-obligation demonstration

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Book Sharp BIG PAD demo at Media Production Show

BPS is showcasing Sharp’s breakthrough in capacitive touch-panel technology – the new PN-80TC3 interactive BIG PAD touch-screen interface.

Forget everything you know about interactive whiteboards and say hello to Sharp’s professional-class BIG PAD Pro. With 10-point Projected Capacitive Touch Technology it’s the interactive display screen that’s reinventing teamwork. Intuitive and responsive, the BIG PAD allows you to display and freely annotate a huge variety of documents, with up to ten people able to write on-screen at the same time.[gap height=”30px”]

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Sharp's BIG PAD - enhancing communication in so many ways

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book BIG PAD demo

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Also on display, Sharp’s gargantuan 90-inch LCD monitor, the PN-R903.

Clearly colossal, Sharp’s PN-R903 boasts an ultra-large full-HD, 90-inch screen that towers seamlessly above other professional LCD monitors in size, quality, and impact.

Visual displays that make a lasting impact.

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Sharp understands you need to make it memorable this is why their new LCD monitors add stunning clarity for an unforgettable experience.

Sharp’s PN-R range offers professional image quality and incorporates Sharp’s UV²A* technology, which ensures highly efficient use of light from the backlight and prevents light leakage.

The result:

truly bright whites and extremely deep blacks. The PN-R903 panel boasts a full array LED backlight; in which LED elements are evenly positioned across the entire panel to give on-screen images remarkable uniform brightness. The complete PN-R LCD range offers 700 cd/m² brightness which ensures that your content is clear even in bright public spaces.[gap height=”30px”]

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