camRade’s mission is to provide optimum protection and carrying comfort under all conditions. camRade is continuously developing a high-quality range of enclosures specially designed to protect equipment and make it easier to transport with safety.

This is done in close cooperation with equipment manufacturers, camera and audio users. We like to maintain a dialogue with the AV professional. Your feedback is essential for helping camRade to optimize the range to the needs of the users.

camRade is made to the requirements of professionals all over the world, that has been our motto for more than 10 years. camRade distinguishes itself by producing high-quality bags with first class materials for affordable prices. Most of our bags are handmade in France (Europe) and all with a 5-year warranty.

If you want to know whether there is a camRade bag or suit your specific needs and AV equipment, click here or contact your local dealer.

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