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Broadcast solutions from GoPro

Here’s the heads-up on all things GoPro

There’s never been a better time to discover GoPro as this year the action camera company are releasing a whole suite of broadcast solutions.

  • Editing becomes easier when BITC is added to your footage thanks to SyncBac PRO
  • New rigs Omni and Odyssey enable 360° and panoramic capture
  • Unique GoPro POV’s can now be broadcast LIVE with HEROCast
  • Aerial shot required? No problem with the GoPro drone, Karma
As professional broadcast products some of these will only be available from specialist retailers like ourselves.
Interest is high so we expect availability to be limited when products are released.
To ensure your order or to register an interest in any of these products please call us on 020 8941 1199.
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SyncBac PRO


We’re excited to announce the launch of the newest addition to our range of wireless timecode products – the SyncBac PRO, a customised GoPro timecode sync accessory.

By enabling the GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver to generate its own frame-accurate timecode, the SyncBac PRO creates the capability to wirelessly timecode sync multiple GoPros and GoPros with pro cameras and pro audio devices over long range RF.



Over the last few years wearable cameras have become commonplace on professional film and broadcast sets. But as non-timecoded cameras, the challenge has always been how to sync the footage captured not only with other GoPros, but also with pro cameras and pro audio devices.

“Until now, all we could do was advise production houses to visually slate using a digislate – it was a decent workaround, but it wasn’t the seamless solution productions craved,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “What they really wanted was timecode generated at source, synced over long range RF, producing a single file with timecode embedded that post production can work with in exactly the same way as media extracted from more traditional professional cameras and audio equipment. This is exactly what we’ve delivered with the SyncBac PRO.”

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 Introducing Omni the go-to GoPro for spherical content. A professional end-to-end solution for capturing, stitching and publishing high-resolution virtual reality and immersive content. A synchronised 6-camera array. Requires six HERO4 Black cameras (sold separately) with Omni-specific array camera firmware installed.



Omni lets you capture the whole scene and create professional-quality spherical videos.



Import your videos and stitch them together automatically in Autopano Video Pro.

Use the timelines to fine-tune your 360-degree video and get awesome results.



Upload your 360° videos on GoPro VR to share them with the world. People can access your videos through the web, smartphones or on their mobile VR headset.

Thanks to the Omni spherical rig, you get the most immersive experience possible.

Synchronised 6-camera array.

Precise, pixel-level synchronization makes stitching in post-production easier and more exact—especially when compared to unsynchronized camera arrays.

Works hand in hand with Kolor™ video-stitching software.

Together, Omni and Kolor software are a complete end-to-end immersive content creation solution. Capture using Omni, then stitch, publish and view content using the GoPro Kolor software suite.

8K capture: the proven image quality of HERO4 Black … x6.

Produce high-resolution, stunning image quality that virtual reality viewers will notice. In addition to spherical content capture, Omni may also be used for “over capture” of traditional content. Use Omni to capture 8K, and then extract your HD deliverable—from literally any perspective.

Flexible power options.

Omni can be powered from in-camera batteries. An external power supply can also be used to extend recording time and simplify power management.

Compact and rugged design.

The rigid, lightweight, multi-panel aluminum frame is compact and makes Omni easy to mount and use in a variety of shooting scenarios.

Reach a wide variety of audiences.

Use Omni hardware and Kolor software to create immersive experiences for:

  • Sporting events
  • Museum and tourism installations
  • Hotel and real estate tours
  • Educational tutorials
  • And more

Share your 360° videos on GoPro VR.

Share your immersive experience with the world. Create your video and upload it to the GoPro VR platform. GoPro VR is available for free on the web and as free apps for iOS® and Android™ that are compatible with mobile VR headsets.

Rig only = £1299.99 or All-inclusive with 6 cameras = £4199.99. Available 17th August. Pre-order yours today by calling  020 8941 1199

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May 2105, GoPro and Google embarked on a journey to create the industry’s first and only commercially available automatic sync-and-stitch VR (3D 360°) video capture solution. The result is Odyssey, GoPro’s 16-camera panoramic stereo rig designed for Google’s Jump platform. Together, Odyssey and Jump eliminate two of the most significant pain points in VR video storytelling: syncing cameras for easy control and capture, and automatically stitching footage for a seamless stereoscopic video, thus removing several days in post-production efforts.

Historically, industry professionals have hacked together homegrown rigs to capture 3D 360° video content, resulting in a complicated, multi-part process. Odyssey and Jump now provide them with a solution that automates a significant part of the workflow.

Wevr, a Los Angeles-based pioneer in VR video production, constantly pushes the limits of innovation to delight viewers in experiencing life from a unique point-of-view. As an Odyssey Limited Access Partner, Wevr has already begun using Odyssey to create engaging content which will expand their extensive library of immersive entertainment.

“We are thrilled that GoPro has paired up with Google,” said Anthony Batt, co-founder at Wevr. “Together, they are solving the problems associated with stereoscopic shooting. It’s been a huge challenge without Odyssey.”

With Odyssey, VR content creators will be able to focus more time on storytelling and the production and execution of the shoot, rather than on the technical battles they previously faced.

“We have tried other products and no other solution on the market is even close to what GoPro has right now. We feel lucky to have the rig and would like to include more into our workflow. Everything we’re going to shoot moving forward is going to be with Odyssey,” continued Batt. “We intend to push to the limits so we can make it even better. The entire industry is going to be lucky to have this product.”

Industry professionals and experienced content creators who are interested in Odyssey are encouraged to join in and participate in the LAP by applying at, or contacting [email protected] We look forward to experiencing all of the immersive content produce by the creative minds who are embracing Odyssey and Jump.

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Bring the GoPro Experience to Your Audience—Live

Developed with Vislink, the HEROCast wireless transmitter enables professional broadcasters to deliver engaging live content with the immersive POV footage and unique perspectives that made GoPro famous. Wearable, mountable, and designed for use in harsh environments, HEROCast makes capturing and broadcasting live content easier than ever. Smaller, lighter, more cost-effective and 50% more power-efficient than any other wireless broadcast solution on the market, HEROCast is ideal for sports, concerts and all of the events you cover.

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NEW HEROCast hero_cast

Optimized for body mounting and engaging POV shots.

  • Separate units for versatile mounting and easy accessibility
  • Lightest and smallest COFDM HD wireless transmitter on the market
  • Industry-standard H.264 encoding for HD picture quality with low latency
  • Most power-efficient wireless solution for professional broadcasters

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NEW HEROCast BacPac ™ hero_cast_bac_pac

The all-in-one solution for immersive live-action footage.

  • Connects directly to the camera to create an easily mountable integrated unit
  • Rugged, waterproof (IP67) design for use in harsh environments
  • Lightest and smallest COFDM HD wireless transmitter on the market
  • Industry-standard H.264 encoding for HD picture quality with low latency
  • Most power-efficient wireless solution for professional broadcasters



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If life is a dream, then why not see it as one

The most hotly anticipated product of the year, the GoPro drone has been causing ripples of excitement across the broadcast industry. There is very little information available to us at the moment so if you want to stay in the loop make sure you are on our mailing list. In the meantime the videos below should give you a taste of what is to come…

#GOPROKARMA                                   COMING 2016

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BPS have been given GoPro authorised retailer status for the Broadcast industry so do keep in touch for all your GoPro needs


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