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NAB2016: Virtual and Augmented Reality

virtual reality

The world, as we know it, is changing.

Virtual and Augmented Reality is impacting all aspects of storytelling and creating new immersive experiences for consumers.

As is always the case, NAB Show® is THE place to explore the technology and innovation fuelling this revolutionary new way to consume content.

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Virtual Reality is currently climbing the hype cycle. Augmented Reality is almost in position to begin its own ascent. There are daily stories about hardware advancements, the amazing product expected from the latest VR start-up to be funded, or the VR development plans of a gaming house or production studio. How, as media professionals, do we separate what is real from what is vapourware?  And how do we make best use of the technology and business aspects of this emerging marketplace, which some consider to be a new media type and art form.

The phrase ‘virtual reality’ was coined by theatre practitioner, Antonin Artaud as early as 1938 and the concept of VR was popularised in mass media by movies such as, Brainstorm and The Lawnmower Man.

However, the ultimate dreams of video producers and video editors is to create an astonishing panoramic 360 video camera with the incorporation of our own virtual reality are only just being realised. Whatever immersive experience you dream of recreating Virtual Reality opens the door to new ways of communicating, and experiencing the world we live in.

YouTube made it possible to play interactive 360-degree videos on its site just over a year ago.

If viewed on a laptop, viewers can use a mouse to adjust their perspective. But if watched on a smartphone or VR headset, the experience becomes more immersive, as changes in viewpoint correspond to the movements of the device being used.

With technology like 360Heros Plug-n-Play which includes rigs and stitching software it is becoming ever-easier to create your own amazing, immersive VR experience, even underwater with the 360Abyss.

360Heros Pro10HD virtual reality 360° video gear with 3/8″ mount Available now £551.85 ex.Vat | £662.22 inc.Vat

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360Abyss from 360Heros
NEW 360Abyss-v4 with 6 Camera Lock and CASE. Underwater VR camera housing rated to 1,000 metres.

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And this week at the 2016 NAB Show Adobe, Sky Italia and GoPro are among those demoing new VR tech at the event.

GoPro’s new technology, includes Custom Solutions systems, Live VR, and Omni the synchronised six-camera spherical rig. Precise, pixel-level synchronization makes stitching in post-production easier and more exact — especially when compared to unsynchronized camera arrays. Full package includes Kolor software apps, Autopano Video Pro + Autopano Giga.

You can purchase the rig only for £1,299.00 or with the cameras for £4,199.00. The Omni is available to pre-order now with shipment expected in August

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YouTube introduces live-streamed 360-degree videos on its service.

The Google-owned platform said select concerts from California’s Coachella festival would be the first to use the virtual reality facility.

In addition, it announced videos on its service could now be enhanced with “spatial audio”, which simulates the effect of sounds coming from different directions and distances.

One expert said the innovation could greatly enhance VR experiences.

“From musicians to athletes to brands, creators have done some incredible things with this technology,” blogged YouTube executive, Neal Mohan

“Now they’ll be able to do even more to bring fans directly into their world, with 360-degree live-streaming.”

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NAB2016: Dejero unveils version 4.0 of LIVE+ Core and LIVE+ Control

Dejero LIVE+ Core 4.0

Latest version of video transport software also enables faster file transfers

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, today announced a major new release of LIVE+ Core, the software at the heart of its industry-leading products. Version 4.0 is debuting this week at NAB Show 2016, and adds significant new capabilities to the LIVE+ platform of products including closed captioning, an enhanced congestion control algorithm, and faster transport of files.

“We are continuously evolving the software that powers our LIVE+ video transport platform based on the feedback we actively seek from our loyal and passionate customers,”

said Brian Cram, CEO at Dejero.

“They drive us to keep innovating in video quality and transmission reliability, while challenging us to simplify the transport of content from remote locations. The LIVE+ Core 4.0 release further demonstrates our commitment to helping them tackle the news and content delivery challenges they face daily.”

With closed captioning now required in many markets for live, near-live, and pre-recorded on-air and online content, LIVE+ Core 4.0 supports HD-SDI and SD-SDI feeds carrying CEA-708-B closed captioning. Closed captioning streams fed to a LIVE+ Transceiver, VSET or GoBox at one location can be transported over IP networks and output to a LIVE+ Broadcast Server or Transceiver at another location. The feature is also compatible with LIVE+ Multipoint streams when simultaneously sharing live content amongst broadcast stations.

Version 4.0 features an enhanced congestion control algorithm that responds and adapts to changes in throughput across IP networks, while quickly responding to loss in bandwidth. This provides more stable and reliable throughput on congested or constrained satellite networks and Ethernet links. The maximum transport bandwidth has also been increased to 30 Mbps making it much faster to transfer recorded video and other files from the field to the broadcast facility, helping news crews and video professionals meet their deadlines.

Also with this update, LIVE+ Core supports the new user-changeable SIM module available for LIVE+ EnGo transmitters, integration with GV STRATUS video production and content management system, and adds real-time analytics that appear in LIVE+ Control.

The software update is available at the end of April and is free to all Dejero customers with support plans.

Customers interested in updating their existing LIVE+ transmitters and servers should contact the Dejero support team at BPS on 020 8941 1199 to schedule an update.

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LIVE+ Control by Dejero

LIVE+ Control adds real-time analytics, flexible usage reporting and GV STRATUS integration

Dejero, has also introduced this week a series of new enhancements to its LIVE+ Control management system. The update, linked to the release of version 4.0 of LIVE+ Core software, has been unveiled at NAB Show 2016.

“LIVE+ Control is a powerful operational tool to centrally and remotely manage a broadcaster’s contribution assets,”

said Brian Cram, CEO at Dejero.

“With the latest update, we’ve added to the management, monitoring, and routing capabilities to provide users with even greater insights into the usage and performance of their field transmitters.”

LIVE+ Control simplifies the workflows of going live from remote locations and transporting recorded content to the broadcast facility over bonded IP networks including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or satellite. The simple-to-use web interface allows operators to quickly identify, geolocate, and remotely control transmitters, configure on-premises and cloud servers, monitor both the mix and the health of the IP network connections, and route content to SDI or online playout workflows.

The latest update enhances monitoring and reporting capabilities, displaying real-time analytics of network connection performance and overall transmission quality for each Dejero transmitter. This information allows operators in the broadcast facility to assess the shot and optimize transmitter settings before beginning the remote broadcast. Combined with geolocation information, the success of historic shots from specific locations can also be reviewed to help plan future shots.

Users can now define, filter, and save specific reports, aggregating transmitter details and usage for historical live streams, recorded clips, and file transfers to understand utilization patterns by hour, day, month or year. Reports can be customized to focus on specific transmitters and timeframes, providing stations and groups with the level of detail they require.

As previously announced, Dejero has collaborated with Grass Valley to embed LIVE+ Control into the GV STRATUS video production and content management system. This allows users to move recorded clips from a LIVE+ Broadcast Server to the STRATUS Express server. Files are automatically transcoded to the desired format for previewing and use. Working together, Dejero and Grass Valley are simplifying the overall file-based workflow to meet the needs of news production.

Dejero is demonstrating the enhancements to LIVE+ Core along with the new functionality of LIVE+ Control right now at booth N2918, NAB Show 2016, so if you’re in the desert pop in and see for yourself.


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NAB2016: Arri PanBar Zoom by C-Motion the CVOLUTION


NAB is yet to begin and Arri are already giving us some teasers on what to expect at…

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Cmotion’s cvolution pan-bar zoom is a tiny clamp-on zoom control. It uses the LBUS protocol and is compatible with cforce motors, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Mini, UMC-4, AMC-1, SMC-1, EMC-1 and cmotion’s cvolution camin 3M, (see attached compatibility chart). It features a force-sensitive knob and offers a simple speed-control through its setup menu.The a built-in clamp fits on any rod with 15mm to 32mm diameter and mounts the pan-bar zoom easily on tripod pan-bars, gimbals or steadycam setups.

See online video for further information



Expected delivery May 2016

Please contact us on 020 8941 1199 for more information.

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NAB2016: Arachnophilia in Las Vegas

vocas spider system

Vocas saved a spectacular (and spooky) introduction for this year’s NAB in Las Vegas. Get ready to fall in love with a spider…

Vocas introduce a new small flexible lightweight DSLR and Camjo rig system:

The Vocas Spider System!

The new Vocas Spider System is a modular system which can be setup exactly as you wish. With the different modules available any combination can be made. The new Vocas Spider System will be introduced consisting of an extendable arm, a universal camera base plate, a shoulder brace, a belly brace and a new rubberised handgrip. The extendable arm can be adjusted in length and is rotatable 360 degrees! On one end of the arm accessories can be mounted to a standard rosette.[follow facebook=”” twitter=”” email=”[email protected]” instagram=”” googleplus=”” linkedin=”” youtube=””]

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The universal camera base is going to be the centre of the new Vocas Spider System. Up to 4 extendable arms can be mounted on the camera base. These arms can be used for the available accessories of this new system like the rubberised handgrip and the shoulder brace.

Benefits of the Vocas Spider System:

  • Modular system which can be setup exactly as you wish
  • Easy to combine without using any tools
  • Complete system for lightweight and small cameras
  • A complete easy adjustable system
  • Connection to all accessories using standard rosette
  • Strong, stable, light-weight and playless!
  • Space saving system
  • Up to four points of support!

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The new Vocas Spider System will be sold as a basic kit consisting of 2 extendable arms, a universal camera base, a rubberised handgrip and the shoulder brace. Of course every accessory can be bought separately. So in time, or right from the start, your new Vocas Spider System can be expanded to your wishes!

Available accessories:

Spider universal camera base

This new universal camera base is the centre of the Spider System and is compatible with a lot of cameras such as the Canon EOS 5D, JVC GY-LS300, Panasonic AG-DVX200 to Sony PXW-FS5.

Spider extendable arm

The very solid extendable arm can be adjusted in length from 165 mm to 235 mm. Mounted on the universal camera base plate the arm can be rotated 360 degrees. Compatible with standard rosette.

Spider shoulder brace

A perfectly fitting shoulder support soft rubberised for extra comfort. Compatible with standard rosette.

Spider rubberised handgrip

Ergonomic designed rubberised handgrip with a comfortable grip. Compatible with standard rosette.

Spider belly brace

This brace gives you extra support using the lower part of your torso. Compatible with standard rosette.

Spider tube long with additional base side

An additional base side for using a second handgrip or other Spider accessories. Including a long tube.

The Vocas Spider starter kit is available for pre-order at £560 with initial deliveries expected in July.

Call 020 8941 1199 to reserve yours today.

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