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Here at BPS, we have always wanted to get our hands dirty in projects that aim to protect wildlife, whether they are endangered or not and this seemed the perfect one to start with. The Wildfowl & Wildlife Trust are involving themselves in a project called ‘Flight of the Swans’ which is aimed at gaining a first-hand insight on the reasons for the rapid decline of the Bewick’s Swan.

The project aims to start in September – but of course will be dependent on the mood of the swans – and will last approximately 10 weeks. Siberia will act as the starting point for these swans, and they will end their journey at the Wetlands Centre in Slimbridge, UK. The most exciting part of this, is that the crew won’t just be following the swans with cameras or trackers, but Sacha Dench, the expedition leader will be flying among the swans, along with others who will join the journey at different bases. This will be a way to truly experience the obstacles and possible dangers that these swans face on their long voyage to flee the coming winter, whilst illustrating to the world the importance of keeping the swans protected.

Our role in this project is to provide the Flight of the Swans with the technology they need to live broadcast their voyage every step of the way. The Dejero LIVE+ GoBox is a mobile transmitter that can be used on the go, giving the ability to broadcast live from virtually anywhere with bonded cellular, Wi-Fi and portable satellite connections. If these connections aren’t available, then you can record up to 40 hours of HD quality video to broadcast later! Which we hope will be very useful for the team whilst they carry out their expedition. Find all the information on the Dejero LIVE+ GoBox on our website: Along with the LIVE+ Broadcast Server which you can also find on our website: (please call for any queries on price).

We are incredibly excited to be involved in such an adventure and we will be updating this page, as well as our social media whenever we get updates from the crew. Follow us on twitter: and like us on facebook: And on that note, have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

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Sky Sports News buy Dejero to augment bonded cellular output

Sky Sports News buy Dejero

We are delighted to announce that Sky Sports News has bought two Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Servers.

The Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Server receives video transmissions from LIVE+ transmission devices and integrates into your current workflow. It is designed to fit directly into the rack mount area in your facility and connect seamlessly to existing equipment.

The 1U rack-mounted LIVE+ Broadcast Server includes dual-redundant power supplies and RAID hard drives designed for increased broadcast reliability.

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Product Overview

  • Quad-core Intel Xeon processor: High performance processing designed for all day, every day reliability.
  • Dual redundant power supplies: 400W redundant power supplies continue to provide power if one power supply fails. Replaceable while server is in use.
  • Data redundancy: RAID protection of stored data utilizing two 1TB hard drives. Front access to hot-swappable drives.
  • Multiple streams: The server supports two live feeds simultaneously from different sources.
  • Video synchronization: Genlock input accepts black burst or tri-sync reference signals.
  • Compact form-factor: 1U rackmount, 1.7” H x 17.2” W x 19.85” D (43 x 437 x 504 mm)

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The deal was brokered at the Media Production Show. Ian Brash, Technical Manager, Sky Sports News said,

“The Dejero broadcast servers will augment our bonded cellular output”

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Dejero provides a complete solution, not just a piece of it

We help you capture, transmit, manage and distribute high-quality live video from virtually anywhere. Our LIVE+ platform of hardware, software, and cloud-based services simplifies your broadcast workflow.

To find out how Dejero can help you reach your global multi-screen audiences instantly and cost-effectively call us on 020 8941 1199 to arrange a free no-obligation demonstration

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Book Dejero EnGo demo at the Media Production Show

Capture, Manage, Transmit and Distribute

BPS will be showcasing the newest features of the LIVE+ EnGo at Media Production Show 2016, including simplified connectivity options, expanded roaming solutions, and enhanced carrier services.

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Dejero simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP. Its LIVE+ platform enables broadcasters, media organizations, and mobile production companies to reliably reach their global TV, web and mobile audiences instantly and cost-effectively.

Introducing LIVE+ EnGo from Dejero Labs. Broadcasters go live from anywhere news, sports and live events happen. Simple, agile and versatile - never miss a shot

Whether you need to capture live video for online streaming, a live sporting event, or assess a first responder situation, Dejero has the tools to help you. BPS is the European rental office and exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Dejero.

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book EnGO demo

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NAB2016: Dejero unveils version 4.0 of LIVE+ Core and LIVE+ Control

Dejero LIVE+ Core 4.0

Latest version of video transport software also enables faster file transfers

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, today announced a major new release of LIVE+ Core, the software at the heart of its industry-leading products. Version 4.0 is debuting this week at NAB Show 2016, and adds significant new capabilities to the LIVE+ platform of products including closed captioning, an enhanced congestion control algorithm, and faster transport of files.

“We are continuously evolving the software that powers our LIVE+ video transport platform based on the feedback we actively seek from our loyal and passionate customers,”

said Brian Cram, CEO at Dejero.

“They drive us to keep innovating in video quality and transmission reliability, while challenging us to simplify the transport of content from remote locations. The LIVE+ Core 4.0 release further demonstrates our commitment to helping them tackle the news and content delivery challenges they face daily.”

With closed captioning now required in many markets for live, near-live, and pre-recorded on-air and online content, LIVE+ Core 4.0 supports HD-SDI and SD-SDI feeds carrying CEA-708-B closed captioning. Closed captioning streams fed to a LIVE+ Transceiver, VSET or GoBox at one location can be transported over IP networks and output to a LIVE+ Broadcast Server or Transceiver at another location. The feature is also compatible with LIVE+ Multipoint streams when simultaneously sharing live content amongst broadcast stations.

Version 4.0 features an enhanced congestion control algorithm that responds and adapts to changes in throughput across IP networks, while quickly responding to loss in bandwidth. This provides more stable and reliable throughput on congested or constrained satellite networks and Ethernet links. The maximum transport bandwidth has also been increased to 30 Mbps making it much faster to transfer recorded video and other files from the field to the broadcast facility, helping news crews and video professionals meet their deadlines.

Also with this update, LIVE+ Core supports the new user-changeable SIM module available for LIVE+ EnGo transmitters, integration with GV STRATUS video production and content management system, and adds real-time analytics that appear in LIVE+ Control.

The software update is available at the end of April and is free to all Dejero customers with support plans.

Customers interested in updating their existing LIVE+ transmitters and servers should contact the Dejero support team at BPS on 020 8941 1199 to schedule an update.

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LIVE+ Control by Dejero

LIVE+ Control adds real-time analytics, flexible usage reporting and GV STRATUS integration

Dejero, has also introduced this week a series of new enhancements to its LIVE+ Control management system. The update, linked to the release of version 4.0 of LIVE+ Core software, has been unveiled at NAB Show 2016.

“LIVE+ Control is a powerful operational tool to centrally and remotely manage a broadcaster’s contribution assets,”

said Brian Cram, CEO at Dejero.

“With the latest update, we’ve added to the management, monitoring, and routing capabilities to provide users with even greater insights into the usage and performance of their field transmitters.”

LIVE+ Control simplifies the workflows of going live from remote locations and transporting recorded content to the broadcast facility over bonded IP networks including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or satellite. The simple-to-use web interface allows operators to quickly identify, geolocate, and remotely control transmitters, configure on-premises and cloud servers, monitor both the mix and the health of the IP network connections, and route content to SDI or online playout workflows.

The latest update enhances monitoring and reporting capabilities, displaying real-time analytics of network connection performance and overall transmission quality for each Dejero transmitter. This information allows operators in the broadcast facility to assess the shot and optimize transmitter settings before beginning the remote broadcast. Combined with geolocation information, the success of historic shots from specific locations can also be reviewed to help plan future shots.

Users can now define, filter, and save specific reports, aggregating transmitter details and usage for historical live streams, recorded clips, and file transfers to understand utilization patterns by hour, day, month or year. Reports can be customized to focus on specific transmitters and timeframes, providing stations and groups with the level of detail they require.

As previously announced, Dejero has collaborated with Grass Valley to embed LIVE+ Control into the GV STRATUS video production and content management system. This allows users to move recorded clips from a LIVE+ Broadcast Server to the STRATUS Express server. Files are automatically transcoded to the desired format for previewing and use. Working together, Dejero and Grass Valley are simplifying the overall file-based workflow to meet the needs of news production.

Dejero is demonstrating the enhancements to LIVE+ Core along with the new functionality of LIVE+ Control right now at booth N2918, NAB Show 2016, so if you’re in the desert pop in and see for yourself.


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3 ways to maximise bandwidth when broadcasting from your smartphone

Dejero mobile app

You’re in a downtown café with a friend when you get a mass email from the assignment desk: a crew is on the way to a breaking news story downtown but they’re still miles away, and traffic is at a standstill – is anyone near there?

Fortunately, you have the LIVE+ Mobile App from Dejero on your iPhone so you’re ready to spring into action. Instead of the many network connections that are available with a mobile transmitter or news vehicle, your options are limited. While you can rely solely on your cellular connection or Wi-Fi if it is available, the quality is affected by the amount of available bandwidth. So how do you get the best performance? You have more options than what you might think.

The key question to ask yourself is, “Is there another connection I can access?”


Bond cellular and Wi-Fi1. Bond your smartphone’s cellular and Wi-Fi connections

The LIVE+ Mobile App bonds your cellular and Wi-Fi connections together to effectively create a large virtual pipe to send video data to your broadcast facility. So when you arrive at the scene, make sure your cellular and Wi-Fi connections are turned on, and check to see if there’s a Wi-Fi connection available to use. Depending on your phone’s capabilities and the network conditions, 1080p HD video can be sent at a bitrate up to 9 Mb/s to provide amazing picture quality.


2. Connect to a mobile hotspot device

If you’re not in range of a Wi-Fi network, you can still connect to a mobile hotspot device with your Wi-Fi connection. Often called MiFis, portable hotspots or pocket routers, these battery-powered devices allow multiple mobile devices to share a 3G, 4G or LTE mobile broadband Internet connection. Now you have an Internet connection over a cellular network from the portable hotspot device in addition to the cellular connection on your phone.

These are available from cellular carriers with pay-as-you-go plans, monthly plans, or annual contracts. Of course, having a mobile hotspot device requires pre-planning. What if you don’t have one with you?
Bond your cellular with Wi-Fi from a mobile hotspot device

3. Connect to a buddy’s smartphone

If your friend from the café is coming with you and has a smartphone, you may be able to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, sometimes known as “tethering,” using the other phone.

Keep in mind that data usage charges will apply to your buddy’s plan, but if he’s cool with that, you’ve now got two connections available to send higher quality video—your own connection and your buddy’s Internet connection from his cellular provider. This can eat up a lot of battery life, so having a battery case or a portable phone charger is a good idea to carry around with you if you plan to use the hotspot mode frequently.

Bond cellular to Wi-Fi from another smartphone

The ace up your sleeve…

The next time you are on the scene of some breaking news or a live event and all you have is your phone, think about your connectivity options – there may be more available than you might first think.

And if you run out of options, there’s always the record button. Okay, so it won’t be live, but capturing the breaking news and then sending it as soon as you can get some connectivity still puts you further ahead than waiting for the crew—or worse, someone else’s crew—to make it to the scene!

To learn more about our LIVE+ Mobile App or to book a demonstration, head here. It just might make you a breaking news hero.

Will we see you at NAB Show?

Dejero are busily planning for NAB Show 2016 in Las Vegas, and can’t wait to see you there. Visit their Exhibitor Page and click the “Add to MyNAB Show” button to make it easy to find Dejero at booth N2918 in the North Hall. While you’re there, register using guest pass code LV3355 for free entry into the exhibits.

To see the original blog post from Dejero’s Richard McClurg, head here.