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DJI Ronin S Arrives At BPS

Today at BPS we had a joyful arrival of the latest DJI Ronin S.

The details

Not content in conquering the skies, DJI are now set to revolutionise the ground game with the Ronin-S. It’s a motorised 3-axis gimbal designed for your DSLR and mirrorless cameras, which comes loaded with plenty of advanced features and settings to ensure silky smooth, professional-grade footage. It handles just a like a regular selfie stick, in that you can operate it using one hand thanks to its compact, easy-to-use, ergonomic design, which is built to be modular so that you it can be taken apart to fit into a backpack when traveling or attached to vehicle mounts, jibs, and dual-handle systems. Everything about the Ronin S has been cleverly designed, like for instance, the extended grip attachment can be folded and used as an extension of the handle for added handheld stability or unfolded to function as a tripod for static shots.

At the top of the handle you’ll find a high-precision joystick, mode button, record start/stop button, and a front trigger that gives you complete control of your camera movement. There’s even a focus wheel that can be mounted either side of the handle, which gives you the ability to focus compatible lenses (GH4/GH5) without the need to attach anything to the lens. Below the controls, there are four LED power indicators to show the remaining battery level at a glance. Fortunately, the built-in battery gives you up to 12 hours of use, so you can spend time getting that perfect shot and not have to worry about getting caught short. Plus, charge time comes in at only 2.5 hours over a USB-C connection, so you don’t have to wait around too long before you using it again.

The Ronin S also offers advanced modes and customisation options through the DJI Ronin mobile app, which allows you to create complex camera movements with ease. The app also comes with a handful of automated shooting modes to help you get your creative juices flowing, including:

Timelapse – Record long periods of time into a short video

Motionlapse – Shoot a stable Timelapse while panning your camera up and down or from side to side

Automatic panoramas – Stitches together multiple photos to create a seamless HD image

Track – Pre-program the camera to automatically move to set waypoints for a set amount of time

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