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First Photos of The GoPro Fusion 360 Camera Appear Online!

Although GoPro announced the Fusion (or at least their Pilot Programme) back in April, there have been very little images available of this new camera. As of this morning all that has changed…



The folks over at Engadget have been able to get their hands on one and share it with the rest of the world giving us the first real look at GoPro’s compact 360-degree action cam. We can see that the Fusion is clearly bigger than the Hero5 Black but this is due to the fact that one you flip the camera over there is another lens on the rear. Gopro have done well to pack two cameras, any extra hardware, plus the battery into such a small housing and, at a guess, about a 40% increase. Speaking of lenses, the one thing GoPro has removed is the protective cover that we saw on the Hero5 allowing full, unrestricted 180 degree views.



Everything else on the camera body is instantly recognisable to the trusty GoPro user. The front has the familiar LCD screen, record stop/start button and recording light. Turn it over and you’ll find the mic, what seems like a speaker and another recording light. The key thing to note out of those is the inclusion of the speaker which indicates that this will not be waterproof and will require a housing if you plan to get wet. Both the Power and Mode buttons can be found on the left side of the body. No word on where the battery will be placed inside the body but we suspect the compartment door is on the bottom next to the standard GoPro mount.




Still no word on the official release date for the Fusion but as soon as we know, you’ll know.

Full article at Engadget. Photo credit: AOL

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