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Here at BPS, we have always wanted to get our hands dirty in projects that aim to protect wildlife, whether they are endangered or not and this seemed the perfect one to start with. The Wildfowl & Wildlife Trust are involving themselves in a project called ‘Flight of the Swans’ which is aimed at gaining a first-hand insight on the reasons for the rapid decline of the Bewick’s Swan.

The project aims to start in September – but of course will be dependent on the mood of the swans – and will last approximately 10 weeks. Siberia will act as the starting point for these swans, and they will end their journey at the Wetlands Centre in Slimbridge, UK. The most exciting part of this, is that the crew won’t just be following the swans with cameras or trackers, but Sacha Dench, the expedition leader will be flying among the swans, along with others who will join the journey at different bases. This will be a way to truly experience the obstacles and possible dangers that these swans face on their long voyage to flee the coming winter, whilst illustrating to the world the importance of keeping the swans protected.

Our role in this project is to provide the Flight of the Swans with the technology they need to live broadcast their voyage every step of the way. The Dejero LIVE+ GoBox is a mobile transmitter that can be used on the go, giving the ability to broadcast live from virtually anywhere with bonded cellular, Wi-Fi and portable satellite connections. If these connections aren’t available, then you can record up to 40 hours of HD quality video to broadcast later! Which we hope will be very useful for the team whilst they carry out their expedition. Find all the information on the Dejero LIVE+ GoBox on our website: Along with the LIVE+ Broadcast Server which you can also find on our website: (please call for any queries on price).

We are incredibly excited to be involved in such an adventure and we will be updating this page, as well as our social media whenever we get updates from the crew. Follow us on twitter: and like us on facebook: And on that note, have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

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