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Flight of the Swans: Update



It’s been a while since FotS_SDparamotor_shots-8566we last spoke about how the Flight of the Swans expedition was going, so here’s an update for you!

From what we know, Sacha has reached Moscow with two WWT swan researchers, Julia Newth & Dr Eileen Rees. They are currently meeting media and other officials before they set off to Naryan-Mar. Once there, they will be meeting more people – this time, Nenets nature reserve representatives as well as hunting groups to discuss how they can help to minimize the illegal shooting of Bewick’s swans.


Sacha, after having a very busy couple of weeks, will then be waiting on the swans to begin their migration from the Arctic. Swans usually fly in family groups, thus Sacha will be choosing one of the first few waves to depart with, as she will be overtaken multiple times due to the nature of flying with a para-motor.

Once the flight starts – which should be between 15th-25th Sep – we will be able to provide updates on how Sacha & the team are finding using their Dejero LIVE+ GoBox, LIVE+ Broadcast Server & Miller ArrowX 5 Tripod. Eventually we’ll have some incredible videos & photos from the inspirational journey!

So the countdown begins…


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