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Reaching for the Horizon, Getting Hands On With The GoPro Fusion…

Getting Hands On With The GoPro Fusion...

Reaching for the Horizon, Getting Hands On With The GoPro Fusion…

After finally getting our hands on GoPro Fusion, we decided to put the 360° camera through its paces in Rovaniemi, Finland – the artic circle.

With highs of minus 10, Finland was the ultimate destination for having a few adventures, with Husky Sledding, Snowmobling and Ice Hotels, where better to take the next generation of GoPro action cameras?

We partnered with Sabrina Burgess from Go The Scenic Route , take a look at our adventure below:


The artic wilderness of Finland was the perfect playground for the GoPro Fusion test and comes built for any adverse condition.

On our adventure we journeyed to the frozen north of Finnish Lapland and took the GoPro Fusion for a dog sleigh through the tundra, a speedy snowmobile chase, a whimsical reindeer sleigh ride and an night in the freezing ice hotel. It stood up to the test perfectly, with minimal loss of focus due to the shake and handling the arctic wind and temperatures without loss of sound or resolution. It comes with an established waterproof depth of 16ft (5m) and the built in stabilisation was incredible considering the paces we put it through.

Also, with a constant temperature of way below freezing when the cold be just too much to take off your gloves, we found that the GoPro Fusion works hands-free with control given by voice commands with a simple instruction of “GoPro, Start Recording.” Perfect.

GoPro has provided a simple method of over-capture required for immersive and smooth the GoPro Fusion, you can now preview and playback shots in full 360 degrees footage which  allows you to carve out a defined video out of the raw footage on the spot using the GoPro App making it a perfect camera for vloggers who want to get their content out on Youtube and Facebook as soon as possible. Building on the success garnered by the GoPro Hero series, the GoPro Fusion continuous GoPro’s philosophy of creating and sharing content anywhere, no matter how crazy the ride.

Whilst the GoPro had previously offered a 360-degree system in the form of the GoPro Omni, the GoPro Fusion offers a more accessible and achievable method, ideal for both the end user and production needs. What made this action camera truely incredible was that whilst traditional VR systems utilise a large number of cameras, the GoPro Fusion achieves seamless VR footage with just two compact cameras, which means it takes up little to no room in your bag.

As seen in our unboxing preview, watch it here. The GoPro Fusion comes with the unique GoPro Fusion Grip, an extension pole with a tripod system which works as both a handle, a monopod and a tripod stand. As well it comes with a standard fitting allowing it to connect with any GoPro Hero series stands or mounts (ensure to check the product details for further information).

In conclusion, we are increasingly impressed by the smoothness and accessibility of the GoPro Fusion. Whilst it holds clear consumer utilities as an adventure footage system, it holds potential for professional end user usage. As the emerging VR and 360-degree market grows, we’re excited to see what the Fusion can capture, bringing reality to immersion.

Want to get your hands on the GoPro Fusion? The GoPro Fusion is available to purchase Monday 19th March 2018!

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