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Mobile Viewpoint Latest from NAB 2018

Mobile Viewpoint NAB 2018

Mobile Viewpoint have released Artificial Intelligence-driven production and storage solutions at NAB 2018

Mobile Viewpoint introduce three new A.I application integrated with the Mobile Viewpoint infrastructure: NewsPilot, Hypersense and IQ Sports Producer.

NewsPilot Range:

NewsPilot is part of the Mobile Viewpoint solutions suite and LinkMatrix webportal and can be an add-on to your existing production system, making it even more cost effective.

Virtual Cameraman

Virtual Cameraman controls the PTZ cameras using input from the Virtual director and 3D sensors. The 3D sensors make sure the camera always are accurately pointing at the middle of the persons head which will avoid cutting your subjects face from frame. Via a web-based 3D rendering system it is possible to calibrate the set-up which makes NewsPilot a Fly away system.

Virtual Director

Virtual Director mimics a real director. It is a software component that contains AI algorithms and contain a basic set-up for auto direction based on data from audio inputs, Auto Cue and a
manual control panel.  The control panel makes it possible to train the system by using manual direction.


The CameraLink is a low cost robotic arm which can horizontally move a 3Kg PTZ  camera offering a Dolly type of function. The CameraLink is the missing element in low cost remote or studio production using PTZ camera’s. With its 3-meter range (base model) it can help you capture amazing shots as your subject moves through the set.


Hypersense – AI based storage, video logger and search platform

Hypersense is a platform for managing and enhancing media assets. Hypersense uses A.I. technology to scan all incoming (live) feeds simultaneously and filter to get you content that matters. There is no longer need to go through hours of (live) video manually. The A.I. technology scans, analyses and adds metadata so that important (live) feeds can be identified immediately and made available for broadcast. It also stores the footage in a practical way based on the metadata that is acquired through this A.I. technology.


  •  Quick scanning and analyzing of multiple feeds to identify important content
  • A.I. data mining and content search based on voice, object and speech recognition
  • Content indexing, logging and storage solution
  • A dedicated appliance with integrated capacities ranging from 12 TB to 48TB per device






IQ Sports Producer; Intelligent, Automated live Sports production and streaming solution in one box

IQ Sports Producer is an all-in-one production suite which can be used to produce and stream sports events from any location and an incredibly low cost. Expensive camera’s and production facilities on location are no longer necessary, and like NewsPilot, it does not need a dedicated camera crew or a director to operate.

It is targeted at sports clubs and teams who receive TV coverage, regardless of how little, which might otherwise contribute important revenue opportunities, for example from fan and member subscriptions and local advertisers.


  • fixed position 24MP 180° camera that cover the entire field or court
  • MVP A.I. engine and IQ Sport Producer software
  • Connected and integrated in LinkMatrix management dashboard
  • Seamless de-warping and stitching technology for natural looking images
  • Overlaying of logo’s and moving graphics such as scores, advertising, replays and subtitles
  • Direct to web or CDN connectivity using the LinkMatrix interface

LinkMatrix is now featuring LinkMix, a real time playout and switching centre



Playout and Switching from the LinkMatrix

The LinkMatrix  contains several new production features which offers the possibility to create playlist, overlays, live switches and tickertapes to enable the complete production of IPTV channels on Vimeo, but you also have Facebook capabilities as well. Playlists can be made with exports from original WMT streams but also other clips. Playlists can be either wall clock based or interruptible. Interruptible playlists are meant for leaders, pre and post-rolls for  publishing live video, for example, Facebook Lives . Howeverm it can also be used to add advertisements before the broadcast of sports events. LinkMatrix becomes a Playout system for Social and other webchannels featuring input from RTMP and TS streams and switching to destinations featuring SRT, RTMP, ASI and TS streams.


New features, multicamera production

In version 2.5 of the LinkMatrix software it is possible to remotely control shading and perform colour correction on connected cameras. On the WMT side we support an RS422 output to work out real remote production with, an example would be the Sony and Panasonic cameras. Together with our Multicam and AirLink units it is possible to do a true remote production of a multicamera event. In combination with our IQ Sports Producer studio it is possible to do the complete production with just one man on site.


Turns a live feed into a true TV channel

LinkMatrix also becomes your Playout system for your content. We do not see this as a replacement but a cost-effective alternative for Social and other webchannels.


WMT AirLink Multicamera

This MVP flagship encoder will have the following new features:

  • Connect an HDMI monitor to have full screen video return
  • Mix HDMI and SDI camera’s
  • Define quality per video stream
  • RS 422 connectivity to do color correction and shading remotely
  • Internal battery



Progressive video format
After many requests from customers, Mobile Viewpoint have built 1080p on to the LiveLink and AirLink models.

Asynchronous Serial Interface
Mobile Viewpoint decoders also support ASI out to make the IP technology compliant with existing Teleports. WMT transmitters can now become the redundant encoder providing Sat uplink feeds. That is what Mobile Viewpoint have dubbed blending of IP technology.

8 audiochannels
The WMT Airlink and 4C Multicamera now have an option for 8 audio channels for a more elaborate interviewing or ifb setup.

360 camera productions
Using the stable data stream provided by the MVP bonding technology, MVP encoders support streaming 360 camera feeds. Both the mobile and the fixed encoders support this feature, so going live with a 360 camera is possible now regardless of the location.

Battery shoe
Many of our encoders already have an optional internal battery, but the requests for an additional backup power source remained. Therefore we now introduce the new MVP battery shoe. The battery shoe can power an MVP encoder for 1-2 hours depending on the type of encoder. The battery shoe can be used to swap batteries while staying connected or as an independent power source.

Sling bag
As mobile Viewpoint’s encoders become smaller and more versatile they decided to update their backpacks. Mobile Viewpoint have introduced the new sling bag for the Quaddrolink and Neo encoders. The backpack fits the encoder and has a separate compartment for a battery and cables.

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