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NAB2016: Arri PanBar Zoom by C-Motion the CVOLUTION


NAB is yet to begin and Arri are already giving us some teasers on what to expect at…

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Cmotion’s cvolution pan-bar zoom is a tiny clamp-on zoom control. It uses the LBUS protocol and is compatible with cforce motors, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Mini, UMC-4, AMC-1, SMC-1, EMC-1 and cmotion’s cvolution camin 3M, (see attached compatibility chart). It features a force-sensitive knob and offers a simple speed-control through its setup menu.The a built-in clamp fits on any rod with 15mm to 32mm diameter and mounts the pan-bar zoom easily on tripod pan-bars, gimbals or steadycam setups.

See online video for further information



Expected delivery May 2016

Please contact us on 020 8941 1199 for more information.

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