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New Abekas dealership – easy as 1,2,3

Abekas Mira instant server at SFA

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Broadcast with Confidence

Live TV—there are no second chances. That’s why when you absolutely, positively need the show to go on, you should rely on Abekas products and reputation. That’s a reputation earned from years of delivering cutting edge technology and dependability you can trust. This is why Abekas has earned the respect and kudos from thousands of customers the world over.

Abekas designs, manufactures, sells, and supports a complete line of professional HD/SD digital video/audio equipment.

The Abekas product line includes: digital video/audio production servers; digital video/audio delay machines for live-broadcast profanity elimination; digital video/audio disk recorders; digital video special effects systems; and digital video/audio editing equipment.

Abekas equipment is intended for use in the worldwide professional television marketplace encompassing live production, post production, live broadcasting and computer video markets.


SFA State University Installs Abekas Mira Instant Replay Server



Korbin Pate, coordinator, athletic video productions, SFA, inside the department’s new centralized control room

SFA’s control room connects to four venues on campus and is designed off the ESPN3 production model. Lumberjacks produced nearly 40 games with newly constructed centralized control room.

Korbin Pate never could have imagined it would all happen this quickly. The coordinator of athletic video productions at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA), a Division I “mid-major” and member of the Southland Conference, was directing a men’s basketball game that was streaming live to ESPN3 when he received a text from Chris Mycoskie, an assistant commissioner at the conference office: “You’re on ESPNU!”

Working in a control room that, just a handful of months ago, was an empty space inside the university’s William R. Johnson Coliseum, Pate was directing a nationally televised broadcast.

“It was everything we envisioned and more when we went into this agreement,” says Pate, who has served as the athletic department’s video coordinator since graduating from the university in 2012.

Working with designer and project overseer, Idibri, Pate and the athletic department designed a control room and connected 24 strands of fibre to soccer, volleyball, basketball, and football venues.

“We believe this is the only way for a school like us to keep up,” says Pate, “and we think this will continue to be a trend across the industry.”


Access Hollywood Creates On-Screen Magic with 20 channels of Abekas Mira Server

access hollywood

When Access Hollywood relocated to their new premises in Universal City the production team received a graphics boost with the addition of 20 channels of Abekas Mira Production Video Server. With three daily shows the Mira Servers are kept pretty busy. The Access Hollywood team produce a morning show, an afternoon show and a live show that is aired at 6:00pm on the east coast and then airs at various time slots across the country and then the world.

The 20 channels of Mira Server are divided into three working groups. Four channels are used to feed on-set displays and provide graphics backup. Eight channels are used in a video/key configuration to play back graphics throughout each show. Four channels are dedicated to the switcher that controls the Mira directly to recall opening graphics and transitions with audio. The remaining four channels are used for graphics backup.

“The Mira is the perfect tool for the job. It’s easy to use and technically very reliable. Getting everything ready for the switch to the new facility in July this year was a struggle, but we made it happen thanks to products like the Mira that just work as advertised,” said Erick Diaz, Technical Operations Manager, Access Hollywood/NBC Universal.

With a free software upgrade, all Mira Servers can now provide up to nine user-defined media file export destinations with single-button export operation from the Mira Control Surface. These user-defined media export destinations can target any network device connected to a Gigabit Ethernet port and/or a USB2 or USB3 port in the Mira Replay Server.

The full Abekas range, including the Mira server are all available to buy via the BPS website here. Or phone our sales staff for more details on 020 8941 1199.

Other new dealerships brokered this quarter include Wisycom, GoPro and Sonos

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