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Sonos – one app to rock them all

Sonos Wireless Sub

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Sonos is the smart speaker system that streams all your favourite music to any room, or every room. Control your music with one simple app that brings together all your favourite music services and lets you control everything from songs and volume to rooms, filling your home with pure immersive sound.

Take total control of your home listening experience with the Sonos app. Play, control and explore your music your way. Built for mobile, tablet, and desktop Sonos app connects you to all the music on earth. In addition to your own music library you’ll be able to access a growing list of music services whether curated or on-demand, free or subscription-based. These include but aren’t limited to Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Spotify and Napster. Play a different song in the living room, bedroom, even the kitchen or the same track in every room. Add your existing music services or discover something new.



How is Sonos different to Bluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth uses a short-range wireless system to pair a bluetooth speaker to a smart device in order to access music. Because the smart device and speaker need to be physically close to each other, the wireless range, expandability and control of a bluetooth system can be limited.

Sonos smart speakers connect to each another over the existing WiFi network in your home. WiFi has a greater range and works with multiple devices. Sonos allows different music to be played through each speaker, or the same music (in sync) through all speakers. You can control any Sonos speaker via the Sonos App on your computer, smartphone or tablet, etc

Will Sonos work with my existing equipment?

Already have a Stereo? Use the CONNECT.

The CONNECT is designed specifically to integrate with an external amplifier/receiver, and bring Sonos functionality to a third party system. Once you have a CONNECT hooked up to your stereo system, you can stream digital music and control the music selection and volume from the Sonos app.

Have a pair of speakers? The CONNECT:AMP is all you need.

If you have existing wired speakers that are not currently driven by an amplifier, you can use a CONNECT:AMP to bring Sonos functionality to your speakers. Once you wire your speakers to a CONNECT:AMP, you can stream digital music and control the music selection and volume from the Sonos app.

Can I connect Sonos to my TV?

PLAYBAR is the only soundbar that delivers outstanding Hi-Fi Sound for your TV and is a complete Wireless HiFi System that plays all the music on earth. It is simple to set-up, control and expand throughout your home. With only an optical cable connecting PLAYBAR to your TV, you can control it with your regular TV remote or with the free Sonos apps on iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

PLAYBAR is the core piece in a Sonos home cinema solution. If you want dramatically deeper bass, you can add our wireless SUB. If you’re looking for surround sound, you can use two PLAY:1s or two PLAY:3s as wireless rear surrounds.


The entire Sonos range is available to buy now on the BPS website. Alternatively speak to one of our sales team on 020 8941 1199 for more details.

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