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Panasonic Micro P2 Range Feature

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Introducing microP2

With the advent of higher resolution video and codecs such as AVC Ultra 200, broadcasters need even swifter transfer rates.

Micro P2 offers:

  • Very high speed recording and data transfers (2Gb/s)
  • Dramatically lower cost media
  • Significantly smaller form factor
  • Tough build quality (200% stronger than SD spec)
  • Reliable RAID protected operation, plus static electricity protection
  • Advanced error correction with smart ware levelling
  • QR identification codes for card tracking
  • Professional grade memory verified for broadcast use
  • Designed for professional use: working temperature -25c – 85c
  • Lifetime counter with end of life notifications
  • New Content Protection System (CPS) password-protects the data

The first microP2 cards are:

  • AJ-P2M032A (32GB)
  • AJ-P2M064A (64GB) – 50% cheaper than 64GB P2

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Adopt Micro P2 In Your Current Camera

Get all the benefits of the high speed transfer at a lower cost by adapting your current camera today. Many Panasonic P2 products can use microP2 cards with the use of the microP2 card adapter (AJ-P2AD1).

This device has the same PCMCIA form factor as P2 and can accept a single microP2 card, enabling P2 camera owners to use the new media.

The following equipment has a firmware update to enable them to accept the microP2 card adapter:

  • Cameras: HPX3100, HPX250, HPX255, HPX600, HPX371, HPX2000 & HPX2100
  • VTRs; AG-HPD24 & AJ-HPD2500
  • Readers: AJ-PCD2, AJ-PCD35, AJ-PCD30 & AJ-PCD20
  • Portable recorder: AJ-HPM200 & AJ-HPG20

Data stored on microP2 cards via the adapter can be transferred using SD card readers or the Panasonic microP2 card reader. P2 card readers can accept the adapter, running at speeds from 0.3Gb/s (AJ-PCD2) to 1 Gb/s (AJ-PCD30).

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The Worlds First Native Micro P2 Camera

A camera of firsts. It’s the first to feature native AVC-Ultra and built-in microP2 card slots, plus 10-bit 100Mb/s 1080p recording. AVC-LongG is standard and AVC-Intra200 is optional.

Like the ground-breaking HPX600, the PX5000 features wireless and wired connectivity with Wi-Fi, USB and Gigabit Ethernet, including wireless control of key camera functions from a smart phoneAs an option it supports live video uplink transmitter devices.


  • Native AVC-ULTRA recording
  • Built-in microP2 card slots
  • 720p, 1080p/i, 1080/50p recording
  • 4:2:2 recording in Full HD
  • LCD colour viewfinder (doubles as a LCD monitor when open)
  • Simplified waveform and vectorscope
  • Smart user interface


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Recording with Micro P2

Introducing the AJ-PD500, the first P2 HD recorder with native AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots.

Its range of format choices (including AVC-LongG as standard, AVC-ULTRA Class200 and AVCHD playback as options*1) and array of professional input/outputs make the AJ-PD500 ideal for use in reality television, long-form documentaries, live events, satellite facilities, news trucks, and as a redundant playback/record device in news facilities.

  • AVC-ULTRA codec field recorder/player including AVC-LongG50/25/12*1/6*1.
  • Two P2 slots and two microP2 slots*2
  • Host of input/output interface connections both AV and IT.
  • Mains and 4 pin XLR 12V DC powered.
  • Compact and light weight for easy handling.

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Working with Micro P2, P2 and SD

microP2 shares the standard form format as the SD card so can be inserted into virtually every laptop, and workstation. SD readers connected by USB 2.0 can also be used but will transfer at a maximum of 0.3Gb/s.

But for the ultimate speed and priced around 80% lower than the equivalent P2 card drive, the dual slot microP2 drive (AJ-MPD1) provides high speed transfer from card to a PC or Mac. With USB 3.0, it can sustain transfer speed of up-to 2.0Gb/s, with no AC adapter required.

High speed (Class 10 or faster) SDHC and SDXC cards can be used in the place of dedicated microP2 media. However, they are not designed for professional or broadcast use: microP2 is based on UHS-II technology which is considerably faster than the 0.16Gb/s high-speed mode of UHS-I which runs at 0.8Gb/s.

Therefore, standard SD cards should be used as an emergency measure only. Beware: if SDHC or SDXC cards are used, your recording is not guaranteed and recording speeds are limited to a maximum 50Mb/s, supporting DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 and AVC-Intra50 formats.

For the full P2 workflow, the AJ-PS001G Plug-In Software allows direct access to and full native support of P2, DVCPRO HD, and AVC-Intra media and metadata with the Avid NLE P2 Plug-In Software.

Experience the fastest, most flexible P2 workflows as you edit footage directly from a P2 card or drive, mix and match media, work directly with P2 Store Drives, and deliver finished programs to P2 media.


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