Anton Bauer Titon Base Kit for NP-FM500H-Compatible Camera

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Power your Sony NP-FM500H-compatible camera and various accessories with this Titon Base Kit from Anton Bauer. The base kit includes a 68Wh Titon Base battery, a P-Tap charger, and a P-Tap to Sony regulated 7.2V NP-FM500H dummy battery.

The slim, lightweight Titon Base battery features a 68Wh capacity and 14.4V output, and it features an 8A continuous draw. It features three P-Tap output/charging ports and one 5V, 2A USB Type-A output to charge your camera and accessories. The P-Tap charger can quickly charge the battery via one of the P-Tap inputs and includes international power adapters. The battery can power your camera using the included P-Tap to Sony regulated 7.2V NP-FM500H dummy battery.

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  • For Select Sony NP-FM500H Cameras
  • Slim 68Wh Titon Base Battery
  • P-Tap and USB Type-A Power Outputs
  • International 14 VDC, 2A P-Tap Charger

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