Aputure Light Storm 60x 60W Bi-Colour Adjustable Focusing Light – UK

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This item: Aputure Light Storm 60x 60W Bi-Colour Adjustable Focusing Light - UK

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£339.15 Ex. VAT £406.98 Inc. Vat
£339.15 Ex. VAT £406.98 Inc. Vat
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Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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The Light Storm 60x from Aputure is a precision fixture with beam spread, power, color balance, and light intensity options. The light has an expansive color range of 2700 to 6500K to meet any ambient light challenge or match other fixtures. The light’s beam spread range of a tight 15 degrees to medium flood of 45 degrees can be further modified by the included 4-way barndoors for selective lighting. Light intensity is adjustable too from 0 to 100%.

Power offers yet more options. You can use the 60x worldwide thanks to its 110 to 240V adapter but it will also run on one or two NP-F-type batteries or a V-mount battery in situations where AC current is unavailable. The LS 60x is also IP54 weatherproof (dust and water resistant), so it is built to withstand any shooting environment. It is compatible with a the separately-sold custom Bowens Mount adapter and Spotlight Mini Zoom lens. Among its other impressive features are nine built-in lighting effects including Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion, and Fire.

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CQS95 (ave.)
SSI (D56)74
SSI (Tungsten)86
Beam Angle15°~45°
Output Wattage60W
Max Power Draw90W
Operating Current<6.5A (Max)
Operating Voltage (Power Supply)19V
Operating Voltage (Battery) Sony NP-F6~8.4V (Single battery) 12~16.8V (Dual battery)
Operating Voltage (Battery) D-Tap12 ~ 16.8V
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 45°C / -4°F ~ 113°F
Control MethodsOn-board, Sidus Link (Sidus MeshTM)
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth)≤ 80m / 262.5ft
Screen TypeOLED
Cooling MethodActive Cooling
Cable Type: Head Cable4-pin DC Twist Lock Cable
Cable Type: Power CableLocking IEC Power Cable (4m)
Accessory MountLS 60 Mini Mount
Accessory Mount Diameter120mm / 4.72in
Mounting16mm | 5/8in (Baby Pin)
Weight: Lamp Head1.8kg / 3.968lbs
Weight: Barn Doors222g / 0.489lbs
Weight: Power Supply370g / 0.816lbs
Weight: NP-F Battery Plate134g / 0.295lbs
Weight: Total w/ Case4.475kg / 9.866lbs
Dimensions: Lamp Head without Yoke209*116mm / 8.23*4.57in
Dimensions: Lamp Head with Yoke280*156*127mm / 11.02*6.14*5in
Dimensions: Barn Doors Closed134*108*33mm / 5.28*4.25*1in
Dimensions: Power Supply135*56*34mm / 5.31*2.2*1in
Dimensions: NP-F Battery Plate103*87*25mm / 4.06*3.43*1in
Dimensions: Case420*200*200mm / 16.54*7.87*8in


2700KSpot (15°)25,110 Lux3,125 Lux1,116 Lux
2700KSpot (15°)2,332 Fc290 Fc104 Fc
2700KFlood (45°)4,464 Lux525 Lux201 Lux
2700KFlood (45°)415 Fc49 Fc19 Fc
3200KSpot (15°)30,132 Lux3,794 Lux1,339 Lux
3200KSpot (15°)2,799 Fc352 Fc124 Fc
3200KFlood (45°)5,357 Lux647 Lux234 Lux
3200KFlood (45°)498 Fc60 Fc21 Fc
4300KSpot (15°)31,248 Lux3,683 Lux1,395 Lux
4300KSpot (15°)2,903 Fc342 Fc129 Fc
4300KFlood (45°)5,245 Lux625 Lux234 Lux
4300KFlood (45°)448 Fc58 Fc21 Fc
5600KSpot (15°)33,480 Lux4,241 Lux1,451 Lux
5600KSpot (15°)3,110 Fc394 Fc134 Fc
5600KFlood (45°)5,803 Lux703 Lux268 Lux
5600KFlood (45°)539 Fc66 Fc25 Fc
6500KSpot (15°)32,364 Lux4,018 Lux1,395 Lux
6500KSpot (15°)3,007 Fc373 Fc129 Fc
6500KFlood (45°)5,580 Lux670 Lux246 Lux
6500KFlood (45°)519 Fc61 Fc22 Fc


Focus Forward 

  • The LS 60x is a battery-powerable bi-color focusing LED that uses custom aspherical optics to acheive a 15-45° spot-floor beam angle with intense output and flexibility 

Enhanced Output

  • The LS 60x punches way above its weight class as a 60W expanded bi-color focusing LED fixture that outclasses the output of a 300W tungsten Fresnel and outpaces comparable LED lights. With its custom, Aputure aspherical optics, the LS 60x (@ 5600K) can output 30,000+ lux in full spot, or 5200+ lux in flood mode.

Expanded Bi-Color

  • Matching the LS 300x, the LS 60x features an expanded bi-color CCT range of 2700k – 6500 k, with built-in CCT presets, to give filmmakers the ability to add just a touch of warmer or coller colors to their scene.

Reliable Color

  • The LS 60x Bi-color LED continues Aputure’s ambition to provide high-quality, color-accurate LEDs to all filmmakers, with CRI/TLCI scores of 95+, and SSI (Tungsten) of 86, and an SSI (D56) of 74.

Weather-Resistant Durability

  • Designed to withstand the rigors of any film set, the LS 60x lamp head & DC power connector feature a weather-resistant design as a sign of its durability, so filmmakers can feel free to take it on any adventure.

Power Solutions

  • With a variety of included power solutions, the LS 60x is a light designed to solve problems in ways no other fixture can. The modular V-Mount Receiver on its yoke can hold all of its power options, including the AC adapter, D-Tap (V-Mount) Batteries, and the intelligent Dual NP-F Battery Plate.

Flexible Output

  • Light Storm features like the 120d II, 300d II, BS 300X can be powered using only a single battery, and the LS 60x is no different. The LS 60x can achieve full output with a single D-Tap battery or two NP-F batteries, or half output with a single NP-F battery, using its intelligent Dual NP-F Battery Plate.

8-Leaf Barndoors

  • Included with the LS 60x, the 8-Leaf Barndoors allow for more precise control than traditional barn doors due to the two pairs of helper flags that can adapt the light output’s size and shape.

Bowens Mount Adaptability

  • As a light storm fixture, the LS 60x can utilise a wide variety of lighting modifiers. In addition to its 8-leaf barndoors, 60x includes a custom Bowens Mount Adapter that attaches to its accessory mount and allows it to use Bowens mount soft light modifiers.

Light Shaping Tools

  • The LS 60x is also compatible with the LS 60 Softbox, a square soft light modifier, and the Spotlight Mini Zoom, a precision protection attachment with a 2X optical zoom range, both of which are designed specifically for the LS 60d & 60x.

Built-In Lighting FX

  • The 60x launches with 9 built-in lighting FX, such as Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion, and Fire, with adjustable color temperature control.

What's Included

  • Aputure Light Storm LS 60x Bi-Color LED Light
  • LS 60x Lamp Head
  • Barndoors
  • Power Supply with Cable
  • NP-F Battery Plate Adapter
  • D-Tap Cable
  • Bowens Mount Adapter
  • Carrying Case
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Aputure Light Storm 60x 60W Bi-Colour Adjustable Focusing Light - UK

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