ARRI Cable CAM (7p) – RS (0.3m/1ft)

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Connects ARRI cforce RF motor/cmotion cPRO motor and camin to RS connector. Provides camera RUN/STOP and tally function on ARRI and cmotion cPRO hand units. Works with ALEXA and AMIRA cameras. Length: 0.3m/1ft.

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Use the Cable CAM (7p) – RS (1′) from ARRI to connect an ARRI cforce RF lens motor, cmotion cPRO lens motor, or cmotion cPRO camin to your ALEXA or AMIRA camera. This cable enables the camera’s RUN/STOP, and tally functions when used with an ARRI or cmotion cPRO electronic-control hand unit.

The Cable CAM (7p) – RS is one foot in length, with a 7-Pin LEMO connector on one end, and a 3-pin Fischer on the other.


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ARRI Cable CAM (7p) – RS (0.3m/1ft)

£140.00 Ex. VAT £168.00 Inc. Vat

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