ARRI DTS Set Dual 6G Complete

£17,021.34 Ex. VAT £20,425.61 Inc. Vat



K2.0013648 1x DTS 1820-12G FCA Fibre CameraAdaptor 12G

K2.0014813 1x DTS 1820 FCA Lemo assembly

K2.0014814 1x DTS FCA Cable set for AMIRA

K2.0013651 1x DTS Single FBS Fibre Base Station 12G

K2.0014816 1x DTS 1810S FBS Lemo assembly

K2.0014815 1x DTS FBS Cable set: ERI & 1810S powercabl

K2.0013650 1x DTS 1840A Ethernet Remote Interface ERI

K2.0013623 1x DTS 1804-400 PSU 400 Power Supply

K2.0013653 1x DTS Sony RCP to DTS1840 Cable

K2.0014659 1x DTS 1835B Dual Link 6G VideoInput Option

K2.0013652 1x DTS 2071A Tally Box

K2.0013646 1x DTS HR30 6pin to 5pin XLR Headset Cable

K2.0013649 1x DTS 1810-100 19in 1U Rack Frame

K2.0014145 1x DTS 1810S Intercom Audio Cable Assembly

K2.0014146 1x DTS 1840 ERI System Utility Tally Cable

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