Arri L2.0014190 High Speed EB MAX 1.8 Ballast

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ARRI’s High Speed Ballasts accept the challenge of modern digital high-speed photography with ease.

Running lamp frequencies up to 1,200 Hz High Speed Ballasts facilitate high quality flicker free images even at frame rates of 1000 fps and in many cases beyond even with a single discharge daylight source.

Set to High Speed mode ARRI electronic ballasts supply the lamp with a greatly raised square wave current, allowing worriless shootings for many various application such as SFX, VFX, commercials, sports, industrial applications, automotive component testing, ballistics or material testing. ARRI High Speed electronic ballasts are available for all wattages from 575 W to 18,000 W.

  • Power factor correction by Active Line Filter (ALF)
  • Compensation of Cable losses (CCL)*
  • DMX 512 for remote control operation
  • Up to 1200 Hz lamp operation for frame rates up to 3000 fps**
  • 75 Hz for flicker free images at standard frame rates
  • 50 or 60 Hz for low noise operation in environments with low noise requirements (microphones)
  • Blue standard housing with handle

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Line Power2600 VA (max.)
Supply Voltage 90-130 V~ / 180-250 V~ /
50/60 Hz 1, N, PE
Nominal Current 25-20 A / 13 – 10 A
Power Factor cos ɸ ≈ 0.98
Line plug Bare ends
Lamp Connection
Lamphead connector International (VEAM)
 Lamp Power 575 W / 800 W / 1200 W / 1800 W
 Power Adaption Constant control, automatic detection
of lamphead and lamp type
Current CharacteristicSquare wave,
75 Hz (Standard mode) or
300 Hz (adjustable 270-360 Hz) and
1000 Hz (adjustable 900 – 1200 Hz)
in High Speed mode, nearly square wave,
50 and 60 Hz in „low noise“ mode
Dimming50 to 100% of nominal lamp power
StartingCold start and hot restrike
Typical Light Rippletyp. < 3%
 Dimensions 200 x 156 x 335 mm (7.8 x 6.1 x 13.1“)
 Weight ca. 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
Protective RateIP 21
Ambient Conditions-20 to +50°C ( -4 to 122 °F)
HousingBlue standard housing

Key Features

  • Facilitates HQ flicker free images
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Easy to set-up and use

What's Included