ARRI Lens Data Encoder LDE-1

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External lens encoder that connects to UMC-4 or ALEXA Plus motor sockets.

Includes 19mm rod clamp and magnetic inserts for use with 15mm support rods.

Compatible with CLM-3 inserts including the 5/8 inch inserts for Panavision rods (K2.66180.0).

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ARRI‘s LDE-1 Lens Data Encoder provides data for any lens, even when using a manual follow focus or a non-LDS controller. Compatible with ARRI ALEXA Plus or Studio cameras, or an ARRI UMC-4 controller, the LDE-1 delivers data indicating the position of the lens ring to which it is attached. The LDE-1 provides a way to incorporate a non-LDS lens into a motion-capture, motion-control, or other VFX setup. A 19mm rod bracket with a 15mm insert is included with the LDE-1 Encoder.