ARRI Orbiter Open Face LED Starter Kit with 15° Lens (Blue/Silver Bare Ends)

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The Blue/Silver-Finished Orbiter Open Face LED Starter Kit with 15° Lens from ARRI is designed to be an introduction to the capabilities of this impressive LED fixture. The kit includes the expansive color-controlled Orbiter panel with yoke and bare ends power cable. An interchangeable 15° Optic is included to narrow the light’s 80° native beam spread. The lens mounts rapidly thanks to the Orbiter’s bayonet QLM system. Two other lenses are also available.

ARRI Orbiter LED Light (Black, Manual Yoke, Bare Ends)

Well known for producing high-performance lights with cutting-edge technology, ARRI has pushed the envelope with the introduction of the Orbiter LED Light with a black finish.The Orbiter has a sleek, 13 x 11 x 18″ (w/o yoke) design with two handles built into its aluminum, weatherproof body. In use it’s also a departure from the company’s open face line in which lenses and barndoors are slid into the fixture’s accessory slot. Optional 15, 30, 35, and 60° lenses bayonet quickly onto the Orbiter via its QLM system to narrow the light’s native 80° beam spread. An optional universal QLM adapter also creates a direct mounting point for Orbiter-specific Chimera and DoPchoice products.

ARRI has spared no effort in color creation and control. A feature of the Orbiter’s LiOS Lighting Operating System, the Spectra Six-Color Light Engine uses 190 Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime LEDs for superior RGB performance, wider color gamut, more accurate colors, and higher color rendition across the entire, expansive 2000 to 20,000K CCT range. Dimming is also adjustable steplessly from 0 to 100%. The light’s high CRI/TLCI ratings of 98/95 are indicators of its outstanding performance. Besides CCT control, LiOS offers Hue, Saturation, and Intensity modes as well as Gel Select, X/Y coordinates, source matching, special effects, and a custom mode that allows you to save over 240 favorites which can be applied to DMX or an interface.

The Orbiter’s bright, color control panel is removable and can be used remotely with an optional 15′ extension cable. Ethernet daisy chaining is possible via two EtherCON ports supporting Art-Net 4, sACN, and TCP/IP. Two USB-A ports are used for updates and connection to third-party accessories like Wi-Fi USB dongles and LumenRadio’s CRMX is onboard for wireless DMX. Two 5-pin XLR DMX ports used for conventional DMX and RDM communication, while a 3-pin XLR DC input for a 48V battery power source and an SD Card slot enables future expansion of the software. A USB-C port is available for computer communication and servicing. The light also features multiple sensors, including a smart color sensor mode to sense the surrounding light and adjust its output for fine color accuracy, a 3-axis accelerometer that senses pan, tilt, and roll movements, an ambient light sensor to keep your display readable, heat sensors to keep the light cool, and a magnetometer to orient your light within its geography.

The Orbiter is powered by its internal power supply using a powerCON AC cable, and it can also be powered from a 48 VDC source using a 3-pin XLR connector. The light is weatherproof and can resist dust and water splashes. Its redesigned mounting points secure the included yoke for positioning with a +/-90° tilt, and the yoke features a standard 1-1/8″ junior pin mounting point.

This version of the light comes with a 5′ bare ends power cable and a manual yoke for stand mounting or hanging.

Additional information






Light Fixture
Beam Angle80°
Color Temperature2000 to 20,000K
Color Accuracy StandardCRI 98
Cooling SystemPassive
DimmingYes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)
Housing MaterialAluminum
Number of LEDs190 (RGB)
Expected Lamp Life50000 Hours
Fixture Dimensions21.8 x 14.1 x 14.9″ / 554.0 x 359.0 x 378.0 mm (Including Yoke)
Fixture Weight35.27 lb / 16 kg (Including Yoke)
Power Input ConnectorpowerCON
DMX Connector5-Pin XLR
Reflector MountARRI QLM
Lens Diameter1.77″ / 45 mm
Fixture Mount1-1/8″ Stud
Yoke MaterialAluminum
Yoke TypeYoke/Bracket
Remote Operation
Remote Control TypeDMX, Wired Remote, CRMX, Wireless DMX
AC Input Power100 to 260 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power48 VDC
Power SourceAC Adapter, External Battery
Max Power Consumption500 W
Cable Length4.92′ / 1.5 m
Inline SwitchNo
CertificationsCB, CE, FCC, PSE, as per Manufacturer
Operating Temperature-4 to 113°F / -20 to 45°C

ARRI Open Face Optic For Orbiter LED Light (15-Degree) Specs

Accepts GridsNo
Beam Angle15°
Requires Speed Ring / AdapterNo
Umbrella MountNo

Key Features

Changeable Optics

The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) allows for optics with very different properties to be attached to the fixture. The high-output, directional beam of the Open Face Optic is ideal for throwing light long distances. The high accuracy of the Projection Optics creates a precise circle of light that can be shaped with cutters, focus, and gobos. The Dome Optic provides omni-directional, soft light, great for illuminating large spaces, while the optional universal QLM adapter creates a direct mounting point for Orbiter-specific Chimera and DoPchoice products.

Spectra Six-Color LED Light Engine

Including Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime LEDs, the ARRI Spectra Six-Color Light Engine translates into a wider color gamut, more accurate colors, and most importantly, higher color rendition across the entire CCT range. Skin tones look natural, and hues are precisely reproduced. The Orbiter has a large CCT range of 2000 to 20,000K with impressively high color rendition across all color temperatures. Using a combination of three dimming techniques, Orbiter’s cutting-edge electronics provide smooth dimming down to zero without color changes or jumps.

LiOS – The Latest Lighting Operating System

LiOS’s eight color modes include CCT, HSI, individual color, x/y coordinates, gel and source matching, lighting effects, and a color sensor mode that measures ambient light and recreates it through Orbiter’s output. Other features in LiOS include simplified DMX modes, performance-enhancing operational modes, over 240 slots for favorites to be stored, optics recognition, multi-language support, a custom boot screen, and more still to come.

Removable Control Panel

With a 4″ full-color display, quick navigation buttons, and integrated sensors, the Orbiter control panel features a simplified menu structure and reimagined user interfaces that provide one-glance operational views and uncluttered screens. This intuitive design makes changing the color or finding a setting easy. The control panel is removable and can be used handheld with the aid of a 16.4 or 49.2′ control panel cable.

Enhanced Connectivity – A Full Suite of Input and Output Connectors

Ethernet daisy-chaining is possible with two EtherCON ports supporting Art-Net 4, sACN, and TCP/IP. Two USB-A ports are used for LiOS updates and connection of third-party peripherals such as Wi-Fi USB dongles. LumenRadio’s CRMX solution is included, allowing for wireless DMX. Two 5-pin XLR DMX ports are used for conventional DMX and RDM communication in and through, and there’s a 3-pin XLR DC input for 48V power station. An SD Card slot enables future expansion of the software. And finally, a USB-C port is available for computer communication and servicing.

Full Suite of Sensors

Included in Orbiter is a color sensor for measuring the ambient light, a 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer for sensing the pan, tilt, roll, and heading of the fixture, heat sensors for keeping the LEDs and electronics at exactly the right temperature, and an ambient light sensor for automatically dimming the control panel display. All these sensors make for a better user experience and increased control over the fixture. Available data also improves workflow in post-production and service.

Robust, Weatherproof Housing

The outer design of Orbiter meets the demands of heavy, daily usage. A weatherproof housing enables outdoor application by using an aluminum cast body with bumpers made of reinforced plastic. The handles make transport comfortable and allows for handheld operation due to precise balance.

Large Range of Applications

Orbiter’s wide range of optics and features allows the fixture to be used in a great variety of applications such as film and television production, broadcast, theater, live entertainment, and even still photography. The fixture’s ability to throw light long distances with its open face or projection optics, while at the same time being able to serve as a soft light, brings the flexibility needed on today’s fast-paced film sets.

ARRI Open Face Optic for Orbiter LED Light (15-Degree)

The 15-Degree Open Face Optic for Orbiter LED Light narrows the 80-degree beam spread of the fixture to allow selective lighting or long throw work. Thanks to ARRI’s QLM bayonet mounting system, the lenses attach and can be swapped out in a flash.

What's Included