CamKix Camera Cleaning Kit

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A comprehensive kit for cleaning your DSLR camera: This kit includes a variety of cleaning tools to make sure that your DSLR is always spotless and fully functional.

Keep your DSLR or GoPro Clean and Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

Cleaning a DSLR is a very delicate job, but a professional cleaning kit can make the process much easier. The CamKix professional DSLR cleaning kit offers an array of tools to help you keep your camera and lenses clean and fully functional.

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Air blower for removing dust and dirt

The air blower will direct a stream of air to blow away dirt and dust from your lenses or camera sensor.

Double ended pen: retractable brush

Can be used to gently and accurately remove dust and dirt caught at the edges of the lens or in any small crevices.

Double ended pen: lens cleaner

A safer alternative to using cloths or tissues for cleaning your lens, the carbon cleaning tip of this pen will remove fingerprints and grease without leaving behind any fibers or debris.

Re-usable spray bottle

The spray bottle is filled with alcohol-free cleaning solution. Once you have used up all of the liquid, you can refill the bottle with the cleaning solution of your choice.

What's Included

1 x Air Blower.

1 x Double Sided Lens Cleaning Pen.

1 x 50 Sheet Pack of Lens Tissues.

1 x Brush.

1 x Spray Bottle Filled With Cleaning Solution.

5 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

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