Cine Power 48 Volt DC Driver

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The Cine Power DC Driver safely and efficiently converts one of more 30V battery inputs into a single high power 48V output for many applications.

For LED panels, such as Arri S60 and S120 SkyPanels, the Cine Power DC Driver enables 100% LED light output on battery power!


Run time for 1 x Cine Power Powerbank 30V 15 Ah battery at 100% SkyPanel output is approximately 50 minutes or significantly longer if the panel output is reduced or dimmed down. For additional run-time connect 2 x Powerbanks directly  into the DC Driver for almost 2 hours of full LED runtime or use a Cine Power Commoning Block for even longer run time.


Battery inputs can also be hot-swapped without interrupting DC Driver output.


The DC Driver can be fitted with Cine Power’s unique click-lock mounting system to dock onto the side of a battery or wherever it is needed.

Additional information


Cine Power




  • Output Voltage                     48V – regulated
  • Input Voltage                        26 – 40V DC
  • Continuous Output Power  720W
  • Continuous Output Current   15A
  • Peak Max Output Power     1200w (t <2s)
  • Output Connector                3P XLR Gold
  • Input Connectors                 Neutrik Speakon
  • Protection                              Internal Fuse (not user serviceable)
  • Environmental Operating   110C to +50C
  • Size                                        L 230mm x H 100mm x  W  125mm
  • Weight                                   2.2Kg

Key Features

  • 720W continuous output power
  • Ultra efficient power design, >93% efficiency
  • Clean constant regulated 48V output
  • 2 Hot-swappable battery inputs (26-40V)
  • LED status indication on input and output sockets
  • LCD display for status, runtime, and additional information
  • Tough, rugged design & construction to withstand tough environment use
  • Proven and reliable

What's Included