Cine Power Mega Xtra 30

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The Mega extra 30 is a no nonsense heavy duty lighting battery

and has been designed to run the 400/800 DC Ballast.

The battery is able to supply 30Amps continuously to operate the 800W DC Ballast and will run any of the leading 800W HMI lights for almost an hour.

This powerful battery is also perfect for many grip applications, and is able to run many of the remote heads on the market today.

The battery is constructed with high quality NiMh cells which are able to deliver the high output currents demanded from the battery.

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Cine Power




Voltage        30V

Capacity     75 / 30 Ah  918 Wh

Dimension  L 300mm x W 150 x H 310mm

Weight         18kg

Charger       Mega Charger

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