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The OptMag TL-OMFF expands the image from the FUJINON Premier and Cabrio PL-Mount Super-35 lenses onto a 46.3mm diagonal image size – large enough to cover all of the latest larger sensor cameras, such as the Sony Venice, the RED Weapon, and the ARRI Alexa LF.

Optimisd for Fujinon Premier and Cabrio Lenses:

Musashi-Opt’s design team worked very closely with FUJINON’s optical engineers to ensure that the “FUJINON look” is not affected by the use of the adaptor and that the same color rendition, clarity, and contrast is maintained. Renowned for their incredibly high performance likened to many top-end prime lenses, even when the image is expanded by 1.7x, distortion and aberrations are still minimal providing cinematographers with all the quality they have come to expect from FUJINON’s Cine zoom lenses on their Full Frame camera productions.

Small and Lightweight:

The TL-OMFF weighs just 350g and increases the total length of the lens it is attached to by just 24.3mm. This is very important for cinematographers that are limited in the space they have, such as shooting from cars, helicopters or within small locations.

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Musashi Expander TL-OMFF


Lens CompatibilityFujinon HK 14.5 – 45mm
Fujinon HK 18 – 85mm
Fujinon HK 24 – 180mm
Fujinon HK 75 – 400mm
Fujinon ZK 14 – 35mm
Fujinon ZK 19 – 90mm
Fujinon ZK 25 – 300mm
Fujinon ZK 85 – 300mm
Fujinon XK 20 – 120mm
Sensor CompatibilitySony VENICE
RED Weapon
Canon C700