Gen Energy 290W-12A V-Mount Battery

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Gen Energy 290W-12A V-Mount Battery


The Gen Energy V-mount battery uses PC materials to provide the strongest protection against physical shock and is a flame retardant zero grade (highest grade) material. Based on this, each cell is protected with a container and the battery is protected from falls through a reinforced vertical frame structure.

To achieve this robust durability, we adopted a reinforced vertical frame structure, designed with multiple junction structures, which allows eight bolts to retain frames. Inside, a container structure holder was applied to each cell to prevent an internal shock that could be present in a single cell.

Containers in the Gen Energy V-mount battery are made from polycarbonate material. It shows excellent durability in the harshest-case tests, and has passed the Millspeck test more than 1.2 meters, 26 times.

Self-test has passed 10 metres drop test, 1.5 metres 150 drop test, 1600 RPM vibration test, -20 ° C to + 60 ° C (-4 ° F to 140 ° F) operation test, and has durability that is acceptable for a 3 tonne mass of pneumatic vehicle.


The Gen Energy V-Mount battery can provide sufficient stable power supply in extreme environments and can handle more devices. Internal circuits do not use wires; they use the highest-grade elements. The main board is built on a 20A basis, and the specially built V-mount connections withstand 12A. Each of the two dabs can easily digest a maximum capacity of 7A.


All kinds of lightings with v-mount plate can be powered safely and stably. Minimizing the heat through main output with low impedance and low resistance by large pattern. No-wire design can minimize the heat inside and maximize the efficiency of curent. Each end +,- are wide enough to prevent the heat when you use very high current continuously max. 12A, 15A, 22A

Highest grade electrical characteristics  

The Gen Energy V-mount battery has the most positive properties for electrical resistance in the world of imaging specialist batteries. Based on an advanced internal design, the heat generated by resistance was reduced to a minimum by not using wires, and the same parts were selected and composed of the form for maximum efficiency.

The battery connection has been specially manufactured and discharged to 10 A for temperatures up to 49°C ( 120.2 ° F). Most existing broadcast cameras, as well as lighting that require strong power, are These characteristics provide stable power during prolonged filming to prevent equipment malfunctions and provide the potential to capture critical moments.


Cell chemistry Li-ion
Norminal voltage DC 14.4V
Capacity 20Ah
Charge voltage 16.8V
Charge current Max. 6A
Max. discharge rate 12A
D-Tap Output norminal voltage : 14.4V
Max. load :12A
USB Output voltage : DC 5.0V
Max. load : 2.3A
Auto power off : 30 minutes after no use
End voltage 12V
Battery protection circuit Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-current ( Cell and Pack
separately), Over-temperature, Reverse charge
Ambient temperature To charge : 10°C ~ 30°C (32°F ~ 104°F recommended)
To discharge : -20°C ~ 50°C ( -4°F ~ 122°F), 10°C ~
40°C (50°F ~104°F recommended)
To store : `-20°C ~ 40°C  (-4°F ~ 104°F) (<85% RH)  (less than 1 month)
Dimension 97(W) x 146(H) x 78(D)mm
3.82(W) x 5.75(H) x3.07(D)”
Weight approx. 1520g / 3.35lbs
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