KipperTie Diffusion OLPF – Nylon


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KipperTie Diffusion OLPF – Nylon

KipperTie Diffusion OLPF –Nylon. Nylon is is ingeniously designed to capture the timeless technique of net diffusion, made totally practical and built specifically for your RED camera. A rare product that improves your images yet simplifies your rig.
Nylon encapsulates a true traditional nylon stocking fabric within the filter glass. The optical behaviour is precisely the organic blooming and softness created by rear mounted nets for decades past. Large bokeh is rendered with the expected and desirable net pattern overlay. Nylon uses KipperTie’s own optimised colour calibration.

Each filter combines precision scientific-grade optical components with artisan hand-production techniques. Colour calibration is matched to Red’s skintone highlight option.

By the incorporating the net filter fabric directly inside the OLPF a number of issues are removed:

No tricky rigging of fabric, adhesives, tape etc.
Predictable, repeatable results.
Filter any size or shape of lens, no matter the shape of the rear element or housing.

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