Manfrotto Chroma 4X2.9M Blue Cover

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The Manfrotto Chroma Key FX Background is an all-in-one portable Chroma Key background solution, tailored to the most demanding content creators, videographers and cinematographers working on the move.

The cover measures 3.9 x 2.8m (12.7 x 9.1ft), With an impressive workable background surface area of 11.2m² (120.5ft²). The Manfrotto Chroma Key FX background is the largest reusable all in one Chroma Key background kit available. The large surface area makes it ideal for use when shooting wide and low camera angles, as well as moving subjects that would otherwise prove unachievable with a smaller surface. The ability to reuse this kit time and time again make it an invaluable asset with a return on investment after just one or two uses when compared to a non-re-usable build.

The Chroma Key fabric features a unique and innovative clip system which allows it to be fastened directly onto the frame quickly and easily, creating a smooth and seamless background designed to key out effortlessly. Alternative Green and Blue fabric covers are available separately to provide an alternative keying surface dependant on the scenario or subject, making this invaluable kit adaptable and versatile in many different shoot situations.

Available in green and blue. Individual covers are available separately for users who may want to switch between Chroma Key Green and Blue.

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£224.00 Ex. VAT £268.80 Inc. Vat

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