MILLER ArrowX 3 3068 System

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System ArrowX 3 Solo 100-3 (carbon fibre) Solo ENG tripod system combines the ArrowX 3 fluid head with versatile 3 Stage Solo ENG carbon fibre tripod to support the latest generation in acquisition from the DSLR to film-ready HDV alternatives to the lightweight ENG camcorders of payloads from 1-19kg 2.2-41.8lbs.

Fluid Head:

Following in the tradition and reputation of the world-renowned Arrow series, the all-new Arrowx 3 sets new dimensions in professional camera support augmenting the power of expression of creative professionals, Featuring a wide payload range, precision fluid drag and Miller’s innovative 16 position CB PlusTM counterbalance system, Arrowx 3 delivers the flexibility, speed of set up and accuracy of shot, professionals expect and demand from Miller’s 62 years of experience.

1-19kg (2.2-41.8lbs) payload range and 5 0 selectable pan-tilt fluid drag positions make Arrowx 3 ideal for news gathering and documentaries, enabling it to be used with a wide range of cameras, lenses and accessories. CB PlusTM is an innovative sequential counterbalance design, taking traditional counter balancing a step forward ahead of the rest, resulting in repeatable, accurate and rapid setup. CB PlusTM features eight larger counterbalance steps, allowing the user to get to their required counterbalance position quickly and efficiently. The CB Plus “one flick” switch conveniently located at the front of the head, adds a half step between each of the eight larger steps enabling counterbalance fine-tuning when required.


The ultimate ultra-light ENG tripod Miller Solo 100 3-Stage Rapid Lock CF tripod has changed how camera man view telescopic tripods by achieving incredibly high torsional rigidity in the lightest 100mm Carbon fibre/magnesium design. Reaching a sky-high 1870mm (73.6″), this 3-Stage ring locking tripod collapses down to a dwarf-like 220mm (8.7″). Designed for Video Journalists on the run, Solo 100 Rapid Lock tripod is ultra-light and ultra-versatile, utilising Leg Angle lock to eliminate the need for a spreader, and to reduce overall system weight and complexity.


The Ground spreader attached directly to the spiked feet at the bottom of the Sprinter II tripods. Optimised for use on flat surfaces the telescoping spreader arms allow for rapid set-up and pull down by keeping the tripod legs at an equal or pre-set distance.

Pan Handles:

Telescopic with black handle carrier

Soft Case:

The Arrow Soft case for 2-Stage tripods has padded carry straps for comfortable carrying with patented head-end cradle to protect the fluid head during transport. The Soft case is made from weatherproof Cordura with heavy duty zippers on bag and all pockets. Weighing only 3.0kg and a transport length of 930mm this soft case is great protection for your tripod system.

Solo Carry Strap:

The ergonomic and air-cell padded SOLO Shoulder Strap can be fitted to all tripods and soft cases in the Miller SOLO range. Made from weatherproof Cordura and nylon materials, with anti-corrosive buckles and safety spring latches that can attach to all 75mm and 100mm SOLO tripods.

Arrowx 3 Fluid Head:

  • Compact, lightweight and versatile.
  • 5 selectable of fluid pan and tilt drag
  • positions 0.
  • 16 position CB PlusTM counterbalance system.
  • Wide payload range 1-19 kg (2.2-41.8lbs).
  • Fluid drag system with smooth start and soft stop technology & balanced diagonal transitions.
  • Controls “all in one location” design for fast, easy and practical use.
  • Illuminated bubble level and pan-tilt drag controls.
  • Precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks ensure bounce free on-off performance.
  • Quick release, 120mm sliding camera platform with standard camera plate (euro).
  • Removable ball level stud for flat base mounting (Sliders) with 3/8” screw hole.
  • Mitchell base adaptable.
  • Robust construction for rugged outdoor shooting conditions.
  • Optional second pan handle mount.
  • Side mounting points for view finders and accessories.
  • Three-year warranty.

Solo 100 3-Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod:

  • Supports all full size ENG/EFP camcorders
  • Eliminates Spreader with innovative Leg Angle Lock
  • Safe, speedy 3-Stage ring lock leg clamping
  • 100mm industry standard ball levelling
  • Spike or wind-down rubber feet
  • New Solo Rapid Lock system can lock/unlock with less than 1/4 of a turn

Solo Strap:

  • Safety Spring latch attaches to all 75mm & 100mm SOLO tripods
  • Ergonomic elastic ‘Padded Cell’ air-bubble shoulder support
  • Weatherproof Cordura/Nylon materials with anti-corrosive buckles

Pan Handle:

  • Supplied with black handle carrier
  • Durable black anodised aluminium tubing
  • Material alloy/rubber

Arrow Softcase:

  • Suits 2-stage tripod Arrow systems
  • Padded carry straps
  • Patented head-end cradle protects fluid head during flight & vehicle transport
  • Heavy duty zippers on bag and all pockets
  • Weatherproof Cordura construction

Additional information






ArrowX 3 Fluid Head:
Sliding Range120 mm (4.7″)
Payload Range1-19 kg (2.2-41.8 lbs)
Weight3.10 kg (6.8 lbs)
Mounting100 mm
ball levelling with 3 x M5 holes for flat base mounting
Tilt Range90
Tilt LockPositive lock calliper brake system
Pan Drag5 selectable fluid drag positions 0
Pan Range360
Pan LockPositive lock calliper brake system
Counter Balance System16 selectable positions
Temperature Range-40 to 65C
Pan HandleTelescopic 390 to 590 mm
Height Above Bowl162 mm (6.4 in)
IlluminationBubble level, pan-tilt drag controls
Solo 100 3-Stage CF Tripod:
Spreader TypeNo Spreader
Tripod SeriesSolo
Transport Length685 mm (27 in)
Payload Capacity30.00 kg (66.1 lbs)
Minimum Height220 mm (8.7 in)
Maximum Height1870 mm (73.6 in)
MaterialCarbon Fibre
Lock TypeConcentric Rapid Lock
Bowl Diameter100 mm (3.9 in)
Weight2.90 kg (6.4 lbs)
Carry Straps:
Weight0.20 kg (0.4 lbs)
Minimum Length806 mm (31.7 in)
Maximum Length806 mm (31.7 in)
AttachmentSafety Spring Latch
AdjustmentIn-Line Side Buckle
Pan Handle:
Weight0.38 kg (0.8 lbs)
Length390 mm (15.4 in)
Extended Length590 mm (23.2 in)
Arrow Soft Case:
External Width220 mm (8.7 in)
External Height240 mm (9.4 in)
External Length930 mm (36.6 in)
Weight3.00 kg (6.6 lbs)
Accessories Head CradleYes
Accessories PocketsYes
Accessories Carry StrapYes


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MILLER ArrowX 3 3068 System

£3,888.00 Ex. VAT £4,665.60 Inc. Vat

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