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System ArrowX 7 Sprinter II 2-stage (carbon fibre) combines the 100mm ball levelling ArrowX 7 fluid head with speedy and rugged Sprinter II carbon fibre tripod. The system provides higher load capacity to suit documentary, lifestyle, HD productions and is particularly suited to long-lens applications or Studio/EFP configurations. Payloads range 6-25kg 13.2-55.1lbs.

ARROWx 7 Fluid Head
Following in the tradition and reputation of the  world-renowned Arrow series, the all-new Arrowx 7 sets new dimensions in professional camera  support augmenting the power of expression of creative professionals.

Featuring a wide payload range, precision fluid drag and Miller’s innovative 16 position CB PlusTM counterbalance system, Arrowx 7 delivers the flexibility, speed of set up and accuracy of shot, professionals expect and demand from Miller’s 62 years of experience.

6-25kg (13.2-55.1lbs) payload range and 7 0 selectable pan-tilt fluid drag positions make Arrowx 7 ideal for EFP, Studio and Field OB enabling it to be used with a wide range of cameras, lenses and accessories and offering.

CB PlusTM is an innovative sequential counterbalance design, taking traditional counterbalancing a step forward ahead of the rest, resulting in repeatable, accurate and rapid setup. CB PlusTM features eight larger counterbalance steps, allowing the user to get to their required counterbalance position quickly and efficiently. The CB Plus “one flick” switch conveniently located at the front of the head, adds a half step between each of the eight larger steps enabling counterbalance fine-tuning when required.

Tripod Rubber Feet
The 475 detachable rubber feet provide stable support for your camera on any surface. No matter what position before setup, with Miller’s unique design the feet will always place flat upon the surface on your location. No more bending down to position feet curled inside the tripod. The 475 rubber feet are supplied as a set of three and suit all tripods sold with the 993 Mid Level Spreader.

Mid Level Spreader for Sprinter II and HD Tripods
The mid-level spreader design offers continuous variable adjustment between maximum and minimum height settings and assist the tripod in rapid setup and pull down by keeping the tripod legs at an equal or preset distance relative to each other.

Arrow Shell Case with Wheels
The new Arrow Shell Case with Wheels for 2-stage Arrow tripod systems is a compact and comfortable carrying solution which provides premium protection for your fluid head and tripod. The contemporary design of the new Shell Case provides a transport case that is more rigid than soft cases, yet still offers an exceptionally lightweight alternative to a traditional hard case.

Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon Tripod
The new Sprinter II ENG tripod range features Miller Sprint-Loks- Dual, side-action leg locks that let you independently adjust both stages of a 2- stage tripod using one hand. Each tripod leg has two Sprint-Loks, co-located on the upper leg clamp. The result: high speed adjustment, no more bending down to adjust the lower tripod stage!

Pan Handle
Telescopic pan handle with black handle carrier.

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Miller 3164 ArrowX 7 Sprinter II 2-Stage System includes ArrowX 7 Fluid Head (1076), Sprinter II 2-Stage CF Tripod (1576), Mid-Level Spreader (993), Pan Handle (696), Shellcase (975) and Feet (475)


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£6,258.00 Ex. VAT £7,509.60 Inc. Vat

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