Mobile Viewpoint Agile Airlink 2C

  • Triple C connectivity
  • Camera mount
  • Store & Forward
  • Hotspot and data bonding
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The Agile AirLink is with its 50 mm the thinnest and most advanced unit available in the market. Weighing just over 1.5 kg, the AirLink is the racecar of the bonding units, providing the most reliable and feature-rich live transmission device to any broadcaster or journalist.

The Airlink is our wearable ruggedized transmitter that transmits up to four videostreams in H.265/HEVC and bonds eight combined 3G/4G connections for high-quality live streaming using Mobile Viewpoint’s award-winning bonding technology. H.265 live video transmission offers the same quality at lower bandwidth consumption, but also saves money when using datacards. It is also possible to add WiFi and Ethernet connections to AirLink to maximize the upload capacity.

The Airlink family of mobile encoders is Mobile Viewpoint’s flagship product. With a range of unique features and developments, the Airlink products are the most technological
advanced mobile encoders available today. In use by many global broadcasters to create high quality and low latency video feeds for outside broadcast and live remote production, the Airlink can support up to 4 cameras simultaneously, can transmit 4K, and can include internal 5G modems.

The unit is capable of supporting up to 40Mb/s over bonded networks and can transmit back to a studio or to the cloud using up to and including 8 internal 3G/4G/5G modems, Wi-Fi, LAN and/or satellite and can bond all these connections to make a single high bandwidth connection. By using adaptive bitrate, the Airlinks optimize the video feed based on the available bandwidth ensuring high quality video even in the most demanding of situations.

The lightweight and modest size encoder can fit into a backpack and is battery-powered. It supports many of the features expected of a mobile encoder including both H.265 and H.264 encoding, Store & Forward for internal storage, 2-way audio IFB intercom and return video. The Airlinks also boast a range of additional features including remote RCP control, Tally Control, IP streaming at the same time as video streaming, and the system can be used as a secure Wi-Fi hot spot even while live.

For the PDF Spec Sheet, please see here:

Additional information


Mobile Viewpoint


MVP-Agile Airlink-2C



Maximum Bandwidth: 20 Mb/s per channel

Store & Forward: Included

Total number of modems: 8

Total no of SDI Connections: 2

Total no of HDMI Connections: 2

Total no of IP Connections: 2

Delay / Latency: 0.8 – 60 Seconds

Encryption: AES-256

Error Correction

AARQ (Adaptive Automatic Retransmission Request) and WMT (Wireless Multiplex Technology)

Network Connectivity 

No. of Sim Cards: 8 modems

Wifi: Enabled

Ethernet Ports: 1

Satellite SupportL BGAN (extra s/w license)

Hosted Management

Linkmatric Compatible: Enabled

Social Media for cloud decoding: Enabled


Dome Antennas, Backpacks, Camera Mount Kits

Camera Inputs 

Multicamera Support: Enabled

SDI Inputs: 2

HDMI Inputs: 2

Ethernet Inputs: Enabled (simultaneously send IP stream)

Video Resolutions Supported

SD Format Support – 525i/59.94 NTSC, 625i/50 PAL.

HD Format Support – 1080i/25/30/50/60/1080p/25/30. (1080p/50/60 available on request – please contact us)

HD and SD Video Format: Enabled

NTSC/PAL: Enable – Frame Rate (25/30/50/59,94/60)

Sync on multichannel encoders: Enabled

USB Options: 2

HDMI Output: Enabled

RCP & Tally & Intercom: Optional

Storage & Forward

Local Storage: 128GB (on request more GB available)

Rec & Live Stream Simultaneously: Enabled

File Trickle Upload via USB: Enabled


No of Channels: 2 by default (4 or 8 s/w license)

Audio Format (embedded): Embedded audio (12 – 128Kbit per channel)

IFB Audio: 1 x 3.5mm Jack (mini XLR on request)

Intercom (multi-channel audio): 1 x 3.5mm Jack (mini XLR on request)


Power Requirements: 12 – 24V

Internal Battery: On Request

VLock Plate: Included

Anton Bauer Plate: On Request

Main power supply (included): 4-pin XLR

Internet Hotspot 

Wifi: Enabled

Ethernet: Enabled


Screen for admin/playback: Included

No of channels:  13.6cm x 24.5cm x 5cm (wxhxd)

Weight: 1.7Kg

Ruggedised Casing: Included

Operational Temperature: -5C to +45C

Decoders supported: ALL


1 Year Warranty

Bronze (pay-as-you-go), Silver (business hours), Gold (24/7)


  • 1 channel, 2 channel, 4 channel configs
  • Supports up to 4K UHD to 40mMB/sec
  • 8 Modem – 3x 4G plus 4 x 5G. or 8x 4G
  • LAN & WiFi Connection (bonded with cellular)
  • Satellite enablement option (CBR encoding)
  • Adpative Bitrate encoding
  • Error Correction
  • Store & Forward (FTP Upload)
  • Multicam option with camera sync
  • Linkmatrix – free remote feature-rich management secure platform
  • Touch Screen for local management
  • Decoding Options including HD-SDI, NDI, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, SRT
  • Encryption
  • IFB Support
  • Video Return
  • Dome Antenna Options
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Support Available
  • 1 Year Warranty
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