Mobile Viewpoint Agile Airlink

The thinnest H.265 encoder with up to four camera inputs and data bonding

  • 8 build in modems
  • H.265 encoding
  • Triple C connectivity; 2 channels and data bonding
  • Ultrathin and compact
  • Ruggedized casing


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The Agile AirLink is with its 50 mm the thinnest and most advanced unit available in the market. Weighing just over 1.5 kg, the AirLink is the racecar of the bonding units, providing the most reliable and feature-rich live transmission device to any broadcaster or journalist.

The Airlink is our wearable ruggedized transmitter that transmits up to four videostreams in H.265/HEVC and bonds eight combined 3G/4G connections for high-quality live streaming using Mobile Viewpoint’s award-winning bonding technology. H.265 live video transmission offers the same quality at lower bandwidth consumption, but also saves money when using datacards. It is also possible to add WiFi and Ethernet connections to AirLink to maximize the upload capacity.

The Agile AirLink 4CK is our most powerful portable mobile transmitter. The AirLink 4CK is available with 4 SDI inputs and is capable of delivering Ultra HD video and 4 video streams from the field using bonding technology. It is, therefore, a broadcast equivalent of a modern OB van. Besides its 4K-abilities, the AirLink 4CK also has 4 synchronized inputs for remote production and flexibility, as well as support for both H.265 and H.264 encoding, which ensures total end-to-end compliance using standard-based decoders. With its ultrathin design, it will easily fit onto the back of a camera or in a backpack.

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Mobile Viewpoint Agile Airlink