SmallRig 2660 Matte Box

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SmallRig Lightweight Matte Box 2660 is designed to block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare, with interchangeable mounting systems that suit cinema or DSLR lenses. The matte box comes with a 114mm clamp that allows you to mount it directly onto a 114mm cine lens, and the included 67-114mm, 72-114mm, 77-114mm, 82-114mm threaded adapter rings allow you to use the matte box with lenses of different diameters. Separately available 95-114mm Adapter Ring 2661 can be used for cine-style lenses. It supports up to two standard 4 x 4” or 4 x 5.65″ filters with 4mm thickness without the use of filter trays and features two independent thumbscrews to keep the filters in place. The filters can be easily pushed out from the side without leaving fingerprints on the filters by unscrewing the top thumbscrew. An included carbon fiber top flag helps block veiling glare or bright reflections from striking your lens and can be folded down to cover the front of the matte box as well as provide protection to the front of your lens. The matte treatment of the matte box is anti-reflective designed to prevent internal reflections from strong light sources. Featuring four 1/4″-20 threads on the top that allow you to mount additional accessories. Besides, this matte box can be configured to fit on 15mm LWS rods with the separately available 15mm Rod Clamp 2663.

SmallRig Lightweight Matte Box 2660
Key Features:
1. Lightweight Clamp-On Matte Box with Carbon Fiber Top Flag.
2. Weights Only 238g Without Top Flag.
3. Fits Lenses up to 114mm Outside Diameter.
4. Supports up to Two 4 x 4″ or 4 x 5.65″ Filters with 4mm Thickness.
5. Features Four 1/4”-20 Accessory Mounts.
6. Includes Four Adapter Rings in 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm-114mm.
7. Optional 15mm LWS Rod Clamp 2663 & 95-114mm Adapter Ring 2661.

Note:Not Compatible with 100x100mm filters.

67mm/ 72mm/77mm/82mm/114mm Lens
95-114mm Lens Adapter Ring Separately Available

Package Includes:
1 x Matte Box
1 x 67-114mm Adapter Ring
1 x 72-114mm Adapter Ring
1 x 77-114mm Adapter Ring
1 x 82-114mm Adapter Ring
2 x Allen Wrench

Product Dimensions: 228.5 x 166 x 72mm
Package Dimensions: 255 x 190 x 85mm
Net Weight: 457g±5g
Package Weight: 907g±5g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber, ABS+PC



Additional information


Small Rig




1:Standard Φ52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82/86mm lens
2:Round filters of up to Φ92.5mm
3:Φ52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82/86-95mm adapter ring
4:4 x 5.65″ plug-in filters of 4mm in thickness. 

Product Dimensions: 176 x 137 x 42.7mm
Package Dimensions: 228 x 170 x 72.5mm
Net Weight: 150g±5g (excluding adapter rings)
Package Weight: 470g±5g
Material: AL6061+PC+Carbon Fiber

1. Not 100 x 100mm filters compatible.

2. Adapter rings kit (Φ52/55/58/62/86-95mm) 3383 is separately available.
3. Max load capacity: 1kg.



Key Features:
1. Portable and compact.
2. Holds plug-in filters and round filters at the same time.
3. Compatible with CPL, ND filter, etc, easy assembly and disassembly.
4. Supports multiple 4 x 5.65” filters.
5. Fits various lenses (52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82/86mm).
6. Comes with 4 adapter rings (67/72/77/82mm), meet users’ common shooting needs.
7. Features 1/4“-20 threaded holes for additional accessories on the top and anti-twist design on the bottom.

What's Included

1 x Mini Matte Box
1 x Φ67/72/77/82-95mm Adapter Ring
1 x Filter Tray (4 x 5.65)

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