Sony 1/2 to 2/3″ Lens Adaptor- LO- 32BMT

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Sony LO-32BMT Lens Adapter

Using the Sony LO-32BM lens adapter allows you to use 2/3″ lenses on a Sony 1/2″ mount camera, such as the new XDCAM HD cameras the PDW-F335 and PDW F-355.

When using the LO-32BMT it is important to recognise that the images will appear visually more telephoto by a factor of 1.38x.

The actual F-Number of the lens will not change and the focal length and f-stop markings will be correct in both formats (2/3″ and 1/2″).

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Sony 1/2 to 2/3" Lens Adaptor- LO- 32BMT

£730.00 Ex. VAT £876.00 Inc. Vat

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