Tokina Cinema 6.6X6.6 PRO IRND 1.5

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ACCU-ND: Industry Leading Technology

Tokina Cinema uses the propritary ACCU-ND world class electrolytic coating to deposit rare earth metals onto the glass surface to create hyper neutral density filters that have idustry-leading virtually zero color shift and IR suppression.

ACCU-ND technology has been used on major feature films, commercials, TV shows, and independent projects that demand the full color spectrum designed by the camera manufacturer without IR light contamination.

Square and Rectangular – Internal Coating

PRO IRND square and rectangular filters have the ACCU-ND coating precision bonded to the inside surfaces of the filter stack for maximum protection from scratches. PRO IRND filters can be polished after a scratch to return them to usability. The internal bonding is done specifically for 4×4, 4×5.65, and 6.6×6.6 sizes only due to the environmental factors of matte box use and filter changes.

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