Vinten Pedestal Quattro-OBL

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Vinten Pedestal Quattro-OBL

The Vinten Quattro-OBL 4-Stage Studio Pedestal (Black) is a high performance, 4-stage studio pedestal capable of handling a wide range of studio cameras. This pedestal provides extensive on-shot movement capability with full crab and steer functionality. Both Quattro versions provide an extensive height range capability and the opportunity to achieve creative lower angle shots. Vinten’s standard of high quality pedestals for both soundstages and on-location shoots, along with their design innovation ensure the perfect shot every time.

Four-Stage Construction
The four-stage Quattro column has been specifically designed to maximize rigidity and minimize torsional twist. Its triangular structure prevents any unwanted movement during operation.
High Payload Capacity
The Quattro-OBL can hold up to 200 lbs, making it a premium performer for most studio cameras.
Low-Pressure Counterbalance
Vinten’s Low-Pressure counterbalance system compensates perfectly for gravity.
Adjustable Elevation
The Quattro-OBL four-stage design provides adjustable height capabilities that include an extreme low angle.
On-Shot Capability
A pedestal’s on-shot stroke (vertical distance the pedestal can be lifted with one smooth motion) is very important in the studio.
Steering Ring
Crab and steer movement is achieved by using the a detachable Steering Ring. The Steering Ring is equipped with two moveable indicators, allowing the camera operator to produce quick reference points for various camera positions.
Wheel Brakes
Control the wheels simply by using the durable foot-operated braking buttons.
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