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Zoom H1N Recorder

Zoom H1N Recorder (10004944). The all-new Zoom H1n redefines what it means to be a portable recorder. Designed for ultimate convenience and versatility, with new stylish X/Y mics enclosure, it’s the new take-anywhere mainstay in every creator’s gear bag.

The H1n’s low-cut filter ensures that you’ll capture your music with the cleanest possible audio. This makes it great for recording vocals, guitar solos, and rehearsals anywhere as it offers up to 10 hours of recording time by battery power.

Capture Quality Sound for Film

Thanks to the H1n’s durable build and high-quality stereo mics, DSLR-based filmmakers will enjoy using it in the field. Plus, itstone and slate generators make it easy to mark start and stop points for syncing audio to video.

High Performance on Display

A graphic LCD display, one-touch button controls, and localized menus make it easy to quickly record song ideas, audio for film projects, lectures or meetings, podcast interviews, and more.

Built-In X/Y Condenser Microphone

Built-in X/Y microphone capture high-quality stereo sound in WAV and MP3 formats. The H1n supports 16-and 24-bit WAV audio at sampling rates of 44.1, 48, or 96kHz. The mics cover a wide area while emphasizing the center of the sound field, allowing creators to record crystal clear audio in almost any setting.

Distortion-Free Recording

An advanced onboard limiter offers distortion-free signal up to 120 dB SPL. You can capture concerts, band practice, or other loud settings without compromising audio quality. A low-cut filter also helps eliminate pops, wind noise, and unwanted low frequency rumble.

Enhanced Playback and Control

Use Playback Speed Control to transcribe music, interviews and other types of recordings; or use A-B Repeat to playback and repeat specific recordings. The Stereo Bounce feature lets you overdub new sounds over existing audio. You can also set the H1n to auto-record, pre-record, and self-time.

The Connections You Need

A convenient stereo 1/8in mini phone jack mic/line input lets you record with your favorite external microphones or connect to other digital devices. The H1n also supplies plug-in power (2.5 volts) for condenser microphones. Connect headphones and monitor your recordings via the ⅛” headphones output with dedicated volume control, or simply use the built-in speaker to listen to your recordings

State of the Art Editing

The Zoom H1n comes with free download licenses for Steinberg’s Cubase LE music production software and WaveLab LE audio editing software, providing not just the ability to capture superior audio, but to do spectacular things with it.

Multi-language User Menu

The H1n features now a multi-language user menu. Simply choose between English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish and all user menu entries shown in the LCD display will appear in the language you’ve selected.


FUNCTIONS: Lo-cut Filter, Limiter,Test Tone,Slate-Tone,Voice Emphasize
Filter, Playback Position Skipping, Playback Speed Control, A-B Repeat, Auto REC Level, Marker, Auto-Record, Pre-Record, Self-Timer, Overdubbing
RECORDING FORMATS: WAV: 44.1 kHz/16-bit, 48 kHz/16-bit, 48 kHz/24-bit, 96
A/D CONVERSION: 24-bit, 128x oversampling
D/A CONVERSION: 24-bit, 128x oversampling
RECORDING MEDIA: microSD/microSDHC cards (Class 4 or higher, up to 32
DISPLAY: 1.25″ monochrome LCD (96 × 64)
BUILT-IN STEREO MIC: Unidirectional condenser, 90° XY stereo format
Gain: -∞ dB to +39 dB
Maximum sound pressure level: 120 dB SPL
INPUTS: 1/8″ stereo phone jack
Rated input level: -∞ dB to -39 dBm
Input impedance: 2 kΩ
Plug-in power supported (2.5 V)
BUILT-IN SPEAKER: Built-in 500 mW mono speaker
Output impedance: 8 Ω
OUTPUTS: 1/8″ stereo phone jack (combined line/headphones)
Rated output level: 20 mW + 20 mW into 32Ω load
Output impedance: 10 kΩ or more
USB: Micro USB port
Mass storage class operation: USB 2.0 high speed
Audio interface operation: 44.1/48kHz sampling rate, 16-bit depth, 2-in/2-out
Transfer method: asynchronous
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 2 AAA batteries (alkaline, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable,
or lithium)
AC adapter (ZOOM AD-17): DC 5V/1A
USB bus power
(continuous recording time using built-in mic, 44.1 kHz/16-bit)
DIMENSIONS: 1.9 in (W) x 5.4 in (D) x 1.2 in (H)
50 mm (W) × 137.5 mm (D) × 32 mm (H)
WEIGHT: 0.13 lbs / 60 g (without batteries)

What's Included

  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Steinberg Cubase and WaveLab LE
  • Quick Start Guide
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