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Sacha Dench Takes Flight! Learn More About the Tech Involved

This morning the exciting news came that Sacha Dench has departed on her 4,500 mile expedition! With great pleasure we are supporting her & the ground crew through the journey with a Dejero LIVE+ GoBox, Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Server, MILLER ArrowX 5 Fluid Head with Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod and last but not least a 360 Rize Pro7.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about with Sacha & the expedition, have a look at this post, it should clear it up a bit for you!)

So, what are all these nifty products you ask? Well, first lets talk about the Dejero LIVE+ gear. The LIVE+ GoBox is the most rugged mobile transmitter that is designed to enable you to broadcast live from virtually anywhere. If there isn’t any Wi-Fi, portable satellite connections, you’re able to record up to 40 hours of HD video which you can broadcast later! Fantastic stuff, isn’t it? The GoBox is known for it’s dependability, robustness, exceptional performance in terms of picture quality, it’s incredibly easy to use and versatile. So, need one of these babies in your life? Check it out here.

Dejero LIVE 20/20 Transmitter

Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Server

Next is the LIVE+ Broadcast Server, receives the video transmissions and integrates into the current workflow. The Quad-core Intel Xeon processor ensures high performance processing that is designed for all day, every day reliability. The server is also able to support two live feeds simultaneously from different sources. The broadcast server is also compact which is always a plus (1U rackmount, 1.7” H x 17.2” W x 19.85” D (43 x 437 x 504 mm) ) as it is designed to fit directly into the rack mount area in your facility.



We also helped the ground crew out by supplying them with a MILLER ArrowX 5 Fluid Head and Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod. The Fluid Head is compact, lightweight & versatile, with controls all in one location for fast, easy and practical use. The Head has been constructed for rugged outdoor shooting conditions – which will be specifically good for the ground team when recording in cold harsh conditions! Learn more here. The tripod needed to be lightweight and easily accessible, so the Miller 1576 was the perfect choice for them.



And finally, as a last minute add on, we provided the crew with a 360 Rize Pro7, THE tool for filming 360 degree virtual reality. We think on their journey there will definitely be some amazing scenes that they’ll be using this product for. If you’re interested in this product, we have more information here.

And that’s all! Call/email us if you have any questions about the products, or if you just want a chat, we’re friendly! Make sure you check out the live map of the expedition, you can track the paramotor, Daisy Clarke (the pretty swan they’ve tagged) and the ground crew!

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