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Sharp Pushes Boundaries With New 8K Announcement

Sharp have announced a Super 35 8K CMOS sensor 60p camcorder – 8C-B60A. Sharp was a late comer to the Super 35mm market, but after announcing an 8K, 33 million pixel Super 35 CMOS sensor 60p camcorder they certainly turned some heads. Sharp has claimed that it is a world first, integrating capabilities for video shooting, recording, playback and line output.


At the time of the survey devised by sharp, July 2017, it was the first camcorder that integrated capabilities for video shooting and recording, playback and line output for 8K (60P). Its Super 35 mm equivalent CMOS image sensor with 33 million pixels makes it compatible with 8K. Live 8K transmissions and replay output after recording is possible because real-time outputs of uncompressed 8K (60P) images can be performed simultaneously with recording.

The camera was developed with a Tokyo based company Astrodesign inc, a specialist in 8K image technologies. The camcorder realises 4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit recording of 8K (60P) images. A compression method that exerts low burden on the CPU makes editing more efficient and allows approximately 40 minutes of continuous recording (when using a 2TB SSD pack). Sharp explains the Grass Valley HQX Codec utilizes a coding method that is easier on the cameras CPU enabling efficient 8K (60P) image capture.


Information on this product is limited, it certainly is looking to be an exciting new tool for creators.




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