Introducing the Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4k G2

The Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4k G2 the world smallest Ultra HD broadcast camera. The camera is the perfect solution for placing cameras on set when you don’t have space for regular sized cameras! 

The Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K G2 is the worlds smallest Ultra HD broadcast camera. The camera is the perfect solution for placing cameras on set when you don’t have space for typical sized, large, broadcast cameras. It includes the popular MFT lens mount, vey low 4K image sensor and cinematic colour science. A key feature of this is that the camera is small, but contains the contents of a full sized studio camera! 

Furthermore, the camera allows for you to have 12G-SDI for HD and Ultra HD operation up to 2160p60. It can record Blackmagic Design RAW to USB disks! In addition to this feature, Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4k goes well beyond broadcast quality with log gamma. This allows for you to create cinematic colour corrected looks, all in camera. 

Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera is designed to be used within live productions! The small size of the camera makes it virtually invisible to the eye, meaning that it can be placed where you like within your set. This allows for you to be able to gather the best angles you can. Its professional broadcast connections make it perfect for any kind of work such as television production, sports, conference centres, broadcasting news and also churches! 

A key feature of Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera is the size, and it being designed to be used on a live production set. This means that the camera can be placed to gather the best angles possible within the set. 

It can also be used with editing software too. This is because it can record Blackmagic RAW to USB disks for later editing and colour correction!


Two Ways to Connect

Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Cameras can be connected in many different ways. Blackmagic Design have included the feature of HDMI. meaning that the camera for HDMI supports video, tally, control and record trigger for a broadcast style workflow using a single HDMI cable.

Furthermore they also feature 12G-SDI so you can connect to SDI based switchers such as the ATEM Constellation. There’s a 12G-SDI connection for camera video, and one for program return. The program return also includes tally, talkback and remote camera control. 

Using the HDMI output, you can connect to switchers such as ATEM Mini. As well as this, the HDMI connection supports sending tally, colour corrector control and record trigger back to the camera from the switcher. 

The SDI output and the SDI program return for 2 way talkback between the camera and any SDI ATEM switcher can be used. Tally and control is also sent to the camera via the SDI program return. 

Revolutionary Studio Camera Design

The distinct Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera has all the benefits of a large studio camera, in a smaller rugged body. This is a key benefit to the fact that usual broadcasters use a larger, heavier, bulkier camera. The camera too features a tough magnesium alloy core in a body that is not much larger than the body itself. Another feature is that you 

use affordable, high performance MFT lenses or add adapters to work with broadcast lenses. The camera is designed to be used within live productions, so its HDMI and SDI uses the same camera control protocol as ATEM switchers. In addition, the button on the front provides the access of the settings menu, and trigger recording! 

Powered By Blackmagic OS

With the advanced Blackmagic Design OS, you get an intuitive and user friendly camera operating system based on the latest technology. Blackmagic OS is a true modern operating system where all camera features run on their own for a smoother greater control. 

A feature of the Camera is that it powers on instantly, not leaving you waiting. The menus are too overlaid on the HDMI video output. The interface uses the row of buttons on the front of the camera so that you can get into the menus and also personalise your settings. 

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