Anton Bauer HyTRON 140 Logic Series Nickel Metal Hydride DIGITAL Battery, 14.4 volts, 140 watt hours

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The Anton Bauer HyTRON 140 is a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. NIMH provides the highest energy density cells available. An on-board "Fuel Computer" is built-in to the HyTRON 140 to keep a constant vigil on the battery energy I/O, as well as critical operating characteristics and conditions. Anton Bauers InterActivetechnology ensures safe and optimized performance by allowing the charger and battery to communicate all critical battery condition parameters with each other.

An integral LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) accurately displays the percentage of remaining battery capacity at all times.
Viewfinder Fuel Gauge
Virtually all new cameras and camcorders available feature the Anton Bauer Interactive System which uses the batteries built-in Fuel Computer to display an accurate Fuel Gauge of remaining battery capacity in the viewfinder.
14.4 Volts
The 14.4V design of the HyTRON battery complies with equipment manufacturers specifications, eliminating all 12V battery problems.
The HyTRON 140 is designed in a 14.4V configuration with a full discharge rating of 12V. Therefore, the HyTRON will always deliver 100% capacity before the camera ever reaches its cutoff point.
Gold Mount Interface
Anton Bauer offers a "Gold Mount" adapter for just about every professional battery operated camcorder, monitor etc. Solid metal "H" design mounting studs assure a smooth, precise mounting for the life of the battery.
Each battery includes a computer print-out of the individual batteries test results. The pre-ship factory testing of each battery offers assurance of optimum capacity, voltage and overall quality.

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