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Main Features:


  • Width & Height Extension options
  • RS485 with Fibre & IP options
  • Loads >10kg – (with 2nd side)
  • Multiple Head Control from 1 controller
  • Integrated Motion Control & Profile Moves
  • Integrated Camera CCU & Lens Control
  • Multiple Data Protocols including DMX & Free-D
  • Continuous Free-D Metadata output
  • Suitable for Virtual Reality
  • Positional Control to 0.005deg
  • Virtually SILENT operation
  • Zero Backlash


Product Description

The Proteân XMi is the most advanced remote head ever produced by BR Remote.  It offers a performance way beyond that which its price might indicate.

Virtually silent at any speed, fully VR and AR capable with zero backlash in pan & tilt, plus built-in move profiling puts the Proteân at the top of the list for ultimate performance remote heads.  In addition, there is an unmatched range of standard features and add-ons which make it almost impossible to beat at any price.

For more information on the Proteân XMi download the Proteân XMi Brochure 

Weight: 7kg (Compact)

Capacity: 10kg standard (>10kg with 2nd side support)


  • Compact: W. 293mm, H. 356mm, D. 166mm
  • Extended: W. 343mm, H. 656mm, D. 166mm (3 x height extensions)
  • Max. width clearance to camera centre. 160mm
  • Max. Tilt clearance from axis centre. 429mm


  • Pan. Continuous with slip rings. +/- 170deg. without slip rings
  • Tilt. +/- 170deg. (with mechanical limits)
  • Software limits can be set on both axes.


  • From <0.05deg/sec to 360deg/sec.
  • 10 electronic gears
  • Fully proportional control.

Position Resolution: 0.005 deg.


  • 48v 0.1A(idle), 2.3A max. + Camera requirement
  • Camera PSU option – 12v 3A nominal.


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